Thursday, July 23, 2009

Five or less

Pin It I had a dream the other night.

I was told by blog dot com that I could only use words of five or less lette - well, you know - when I post.

They said I used up too much space.

I found that I could not write this way.

It was all flat.

My posts were awful.

My blog stunk.

As you can see, I tried it here.



Mamma has spoken said...

Does this mean you won't try Wordless Wednesday?? Me neither.....

Bee said...

This made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

In the eternal words of Phoebe, "Yeah. No."

So what was your dream about, anyway?

K.J. said...

Very interesting...and you did good with your 5 letters or less in this post! This post made me chuckle and smile...smiles are good!

Anonymous said...

I accep the Five or less game mon ami. AND you may be happy to note that I've begun an un blog. That means you can't find me. But I can send my pages to you if you'd like. I am such a new-by I'm a bit shy about it.

Gerb said...

Dream or nightmare?!

Small Footprints said...

Hey - this is a fabulous blog! I'm adding it to my blog roll.

Are you in twitter? They limit the number of words one can use ... it's much more than 5 but still, I have a hard time with it. Guess I'm a little verbose ... or as a teacher once said to me ... "you're very social, aren't you". :)

BTW ... I grew up in Seattle. How about you?

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Teachinfourth said...

M - No way...too many people are doing it.

B - It was a lot harder than you might think; I realize that I use words larger than 5 characters quite often.

L - Actually, that was the whole dream; crazy, isn't it?

K - Say that again!

A - I didn't realize it was a challenge, but go for it. You'll have to let me know where your stuff is, I'd love to read them.

G - Nightmare...most definitely.

S - I am not on Twitter, actually...I have too many web-type-things already in the works to add in another, you know?

I grew up on the other side of the state (the dry part) near Spokane. However, both sides of the state have their own beauty, don't you think?

collegegirl said...

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