Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storms and Darkness

Pin It The wind is angry tonight.

I first felt it as I exited my car earlier this evening and felt myself buffeted by its dominating force—I moved to my house, pushed and pulled in every direction.

The storm twisted and coiled, howling relentlessly like a moan from the undead—and still is, hours later into the dark night. It’s strange…the force with which it presses against these four walls makes the outside night seem more ominous, more strange, more lonely.

I gazed out the window to see the skeletal arms of the trees whipped about, I watched silently as their aged silhouettes groaned in the darkness—branches torn asunder and swept away into the gaping maw of shadow.

Like a night similar to this not so long ago, but not near so menacing and sinister, I move to my warm bed and an audio rendition of a favorite book to lull me to a restful sleep.

However, the incessant cry of the wind as it rolls about is a subtle reminder that the darkness beyond these walls is still there, always waiting. The words which tumble about the room, caught in tides and eddies of thought need to be caught, penned down...

and so I did.


Rachel said...

Noooo. The wind wasn't angry. I was in it! We played rushing this way and that way. Back and forth. Up and around. Pent up energy that we let loose with gusto. We laughed as we whipped and broke through trees and over garbage cans.

We weren't angry.....maybe a little rambuctious.....but we weren't angry.....just.......playful. You should have joined us!

Just SO said...

I love my house because the room where we sleep we can hardly tell if the wind is blowing. Love it. I'm not a fan of wind.

I am a fan, however, of the words that you put here.

Richard & Natalie said...

Stormy nights are some of the best times to write, especially for you it seems. I loved the imagery and vocabulary in this post. It made me feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. So I end on your last statement... I'm glad you did.

Gerb said...

That was quite a blustery storm, wasn't it? I bet it looked magnificent from your back window.

Corine said...

Ut O - WHAT DID YOU DO to get the wind so angry? :O You better behave! (kidding ;)

Seriously though, how do you make EVERYTHING interesting? I would really LOVE to have your writing talent!(I'm praying! Just maybe if I bat my eyes up to the heavens, real cute like, He won't be able to resist :)

PS What did you read?

Lori said...

That must have been some wind to get you and Gerb so wound up. Great description--felt like I was there.

And I love Rachel's comment...isn't it funny how it can be different things to different people?

lyndeeh said...

That was quite the night. However, it seems that much cooler when you describe it.

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