Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When you’re sick

Pin It I used to take great pride in the fact that I had only had one sick day in my teaching career—and that is when I had a kidney infection about four years ago. Yesterday at school I started feeling ill and by the time evening rolled around I felt horrible. This is when I thought to myself, “You don’t need to be a superman…if you don’t feel good, stay at home.”

Hence, I decided to stay home and just be sick.

I do have to admit that I have thought of my class quite a bit today and wondering just how they are doing with the sub. Hopefully, they aren’t eating her alive…after all, you know sixth graders.


annette said...

After talking with you yesterday I had a feeling you weren't going to make it today. I'm surprised you survived til school got out.

Yes, your class did miss you. It's not the same 'round here w/o your crazy antics to brighten up the day. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow so you can par-tay with everyone before x-mas break!

jacs said...

i resent the assumption of being eaten alive...and i'll have you know i made 98 bucks yesterday (which makes me rich AND independently wealthy.) although, if sage had had his way i would have made 10 bucks for talking instead of 5...i knew i liked him for a reason...

Janelle said...

You finally got the concept of "I'm sick, I guess I should stay home and rest instead of continue working and kill myself off"! I'm so proud.

Teachinfourth said...


Thanks for noticing that I wasn't there...it felt good to rest though.


I was just happy to see you were still alive when I came in the next day! I was wondering, do subs get hazard pay?


It only took me 7 years to finally figure that out...talk about a quick learner!

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