Friday, January 18, 2008

Rock Star

Pin It When I took the guitar in my hands and listened to the hordes of screaming fans all around me I couldn’t help but feel this sense of electric excitement pulsing through my veins. I remember looking to the drummer and vocalist. They both smiled back at me. They’d both been here before and to them, this was just part of the magic. To me, it was something entirely new.

As I listened to the fans cheering all around us as the first few notes of “Dead or Alive” flooded from the speakers. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this…this was always something that other people talked about but I swore I’d never do…but for some reason, when the opportunity presented itself, I just couldn’t resist it.

All I can say is that Rock Star is an amazing video game…especially when projected on the big screen.


Gerb said...

Sounds fun! Is it an interactive "game"? I've never even heard of it - is it like Guitar Hero, with more players?

Julie said...

Wow- "hordes of screaming fans" huh? That is impressive! I'm glad that you took the opportunity when it came.
(By the way, now that you are a rock star, can I have your autograph?) :)

Emily said...

But I'm your biggest fan and I wasn't even there. :) It is a fun game. We should play sometime. When you take that test, you have to skip the ad on the soda part. It is on the upper right-hand corner. Sneaky, huh?!?!

Teachinfourth said...


It is Guitar Hero but with more "whoa" to it!


We'll have to talk about autographs and royalties.


When you and Jae are ready, bring it on. I'm up for that anytime. I'll try the test again, but I'll do better with it next time!

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