Friday, May 8, 2009

?:?? a.m.

Pin It Overhead the fan whirred.

My eyes had yet to open.

I knew it was daylight simply by the peaks of light hoping to wedge under my eyelids like crowbars of midnight vandals.

I knew I wasn’t late…my alarm clock had not yet sounded. I rested in the near-silence, basking in the newness of the day. After a moment I couldn’t take it any longer.

I gradually cracked opened my eyes.

The room was brighter than I thought it ought to have been at this early hour, and for a moment I worried that I’d not set my alarm.

I checked.


Audible sigh of relief…all indeed was still well with the world.

I lay there stretched out, with the morning still ahead of me, crowded with endless possibilities; it was waiting for me to enjoy it to the fullest.

It wasn’t long before I found myself driving that stretch of welcome, familiar road; the one my tires have trod so many times prior to this over the years. The sunlight oozed over the highest peaks of the mountains, glossing the cherry blossom and lilacs in subdued light. A favorite song from the soundtrack of my life blazed suddenly from the speakers like the rush of vibrant wind through the branches of fate.

Ah, the possibilities.

Bring it on…


Meg said...

This sounds like a wonderful start to a day.

Danielle said...

Love those mornings...

Lydia said...

You have a much more positive atitude about morning than I do.

Gerb said...

Great song.

And I love when I wake myself without the alarm. It's a magical thing.

Anonymous said...

Aah. Love this, T4th. Especially those "crowbars of the midnight vandals." It's been too long since I've actually gotten enough sleep that I've actually awakened pre-alarm...I might have to start hitting the sack a little earlier so I can enjoy one of these mornings again sometime soon.

Deo Volente said...

Sounds hopelessly optimistic...beautifully said.

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