Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love words

Pin It I find language irresistible.

Do I always use it correctly? Probably not; in fact I have an extraordinary friend who is somewhat of a syntax Nazi. I always try to check and double-check when I post so that my words are grammatically correct. There’s just something about not wanting to appear uncultured or inaccurate—however, I go off the point (which was probably not unexpected).

I always find myself in awe at the veritable potpourri of vocabulary at our disposal each and every day.
Which shall I use at the moment?

Of course I have my standards, those various and sundry items which are my proverbial bread and butter; but then again, there are those other vestiges which work their way into everyday life.
I love it, a veritable treasure-trove of language just waiting to be utilized; in fact, while walking down the stairs earlier tonight, the word ‘vestige’ came to mind and I wanted to use it in today’s post—so I did.


Like standing at a closet deciding on which tie to wear for the day, I instead choose my words carefully. Which will ‘look’ the best for the set occasion? No, those are too gaudy, that is too casual, while these are far too commonplace.


I find it enticing.


007penguin said...

Your post was a veritable plethora of lovely language. And I probably just slaughtered a lot of vocabulary rules, but who better to do so than an English major?! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love language, too, hence the English teaching career. (My husband hates it when I use the word 'hence.') I'm sure this will brand me nerd of the century, but I'm kind of a scrabble freak (facebook) has to be just the perfect word or the tiles stay racked.

Corine said...

Interesting you should post this today. I was just today telling my husband that I am thinking of going back so school this fall; and instead of completing a BA in Dietetics (in which I have only 12 credits and an internship left to complete), I think I will switch to a literature/writing major.

I live to write. I love to read more eloquent writings than my own and am anxious to create some writings that can bring others the pleasure that the works of great writers bring to me. I know I have it in me, (deep, deep down, minus a limited vocabulary - as of yet). I can hardly wait to bring it out! :D

P.S. You are a beautiful writer!

Deo Volente said...

indubitably or better yet...indeed.

Syntax Nazi said...

I am happy to report that, in relation to this post, no kittens have died today.

Lydia said...

Arrie used a "big" word at school and the teacher was surpized by it and she gives you all the credit for teaching her "big" words in 6th grade.

annette said...

I so agree. Words can be so exhilarating. I love reading that which is well written. Poetry for example, seems to capture the soul of the written word.

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