Monday, June 15, 2009

Swell Saturday

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Not wanting to go into a long, drawn-out retell of day 1 of my trip, I instead choose to focus on two images I took.

Antelope are plentiful on the Swell, but they never seem to be around when you’d like to take a photograph of one. Luckily, I came across this fellow—rather by accident—and was able to get a shot of him before he took off.

Horses and burros were brought in when the Swell was being mined for uranium in the early nineteen hundreds. With the coming of the automobile and mechanized farming, many were released or escaped into the wilds. The descendants of these animals still roam free today and inhabit the San Rafael, making their home in remote canyons and valleys.

I’d only seen wild burros one time before in all my varied trips with my own eyes; this time I was fortunate enough to come across a herd of about twelve of them—including a few foals.

For now, that is all.


Kandis said...

maybe you remember me, maybe not... but i found you on kara's blog. i had to go through a bunch of postings to find a picture to make sure you were the jason i was thinking of. anyway you look good, and happy, and full of life and sleepless nights. i don't sleep well either funny how the brain turns on at night and fills our thought with silly things. well take care my friend kandis larson

cari said...

I'm jealous, I have to say. I wish I were in So. Utah right now. My daughter went back today and I'm missing her bad. Anyway...
I love the burros! So cool. Have a fun vacation!

jacs said...

find any rattle

jacs said...


Linn said...

Awesome pictures!

Mamma has spoken said...

Seems like those animals were posing for you. Beautiful pictures as always!

Gerb said...

It was sure nice of them to look at the camera and say 'cheese!' Want to know how dumb I am? For some reason, wild burros scare me. But they sure are cute!

Cory said...

Those burros are SO ADORABLE! :D Great angle on the photo too!

K.J. said...

Looks like you are having fun and enjoying your summer break.
Be safe out there!

Teachinfourth said...

K - Of course I remember you! It's been forever since I've seen you though. Thanks for stopping by...if you're ever in the neighborhood we'll have to do lunch or something.

C - I'll enjoy it for you, okay?

J - Not.yet.

L - I plan to go through others I've taken but with training it has eaten up nearly my entire day.

M - Right before they took off running the other direction. Well, the mules frolicked a bit, but that antelope was out of there.

G - Actually they were stuffed.

I don't like burritos either.

C - It just worked out with the way they turned. Good timing, you know?

K - So far, so good. I will watch it.

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