Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Repost - As You Sleep

Pin It Originally posted on November 9, 2008

While on this trip to Washington State for my brother's wedding Mom was becoming fairly weak; at this point I did an awful lot of thinking about life...and about my parents. I think this post speaks entirely for itself.

It was quiet in the house this morning.

I wanted to be sure you were okay.

I walked in and watched you sleeping.

I thought of how you used to watch me when I was little.

Time has changed, hasn’t it?

Life is steadily moving onward and the roles will one day reverse.

I will take care of you, as you once took care of me.

Some days it will be hard, others will be easy.

We’ll both be learning to adjust…

Until you’re ready to go to leave my home for your new life.


Mamma has spoken said...

Sounds like one of my favorite children's book, "Love You Forever" By Robert Munch. As the sons grew, this was one book I couldn't get rid of and still have a copy of it.

jayniemoon said...

Beautiful Jason.

Linn said...


K.J. said...

You are a wonderful writer! That was touching!

Anonymous said...

I have read this many times since you reposted it and it is difficult to read each and every time. It brings many memories much too close to the surface, tough memories of a very similar time in my life. They are memories that I hope to never forget despite the emotions that come with them. Thanks for helping me remember.

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