Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Repost - Adventures and Misadventures of What?

Pin It Originally posted on August 26, 2008

I wrote this just over a year ago at the commencement of a new school year. I was just starting out at a new school; it was a brand-new adventure...

So, Teachinfourth…the name of your blog is “Adventures & Misadventures of Daily Living” yet you don’t post every day. Why is that? Can it really be daily adventures if you don’t blog about these experiences?

Ah, quite the astute observation my friend.

Whist I admit that I don’t blog every day, I am trying to do something a little bit different…every day I am trying to live my life. There are adventures to be had and I can’t recall how many of these I have let pass me up; usually because of something which seemed so pressing, or because of my very innate nature which causes me to hold back at times.

When I was walking up to my place of work a day or four ago, I caught my eye in the glass entry doors. I gazed back at the young man standing before me, laden down with his laptop, camera case, and a bag full of school books. I stood there for very nearly a minute…it was as if I could see beyond my reflection…into something much deeper.

As I looked back into the eyes of my unmoving reflection, I was taken with this thought, “You only have one life, and you’re only young once. You need to be living that life for all it’s worth.”

I won’t say that it was a voice which spoke, because it wasn’t…however, it was something which struck me with a harsh realization, like a gust of icy-cold wind in the middle of August. That realization was that I have not always been living the adventure known as life.

Maybe these thoughts were the result of my witnessing some of the terrible things to people around me, or maybe it was because of the feeling of my own mortality, but regardless of the reason, it hit me all the same.

You, like me, only have one life…are you living yours?


Corine said...

...very thought provoking, in a "you just punched me in the gut" sort of way. Do you like doing that? (probably) You're writing is so forceful... so moving! I really want to write like that!

What do you think qualifies as "living?" Have you "lived" more in the last year... held back less? I would SO love to hear about it if you care to share! :D (pretty please, with cherries on top! :D Note: You'll just have to imagine eyelashes batting on the little smily face... I know you can! :D)

Seriously though, share only if you want to - No Pressure! Thanks for the post! TTFN

SO said...

Good question. I don't know if I would consider myself still young. I know my kids don't. ;)

A Lark said...

I like this - a good reminder!

Gerb said...

Once again, a wonderful reminder. I didn't remember reading this post before but I clicked on the link & saw I commented. I guess I just needed to hear it again.

Life, here I come!

Teachinfourth said...

C - Hopefully I didn't hit too hard...When it came to 'living' I'd have to say that it started out with a moment of looking myself in the eye and realizing that I was just getting older. Perhaps a blog post will be forthcoming, but for the time being, suffice it to say that I am just trying to live it a bit more than I had previously.

SO - I would never have imagined my teachers as being 'young' when I was a kid, but I don't think of myself as being too old, but I guess I am 'getting up there' when I really stop to think about it.

J - Every time I do it makes me laugh...

G - I'm right with you.

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