Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekly Kodachrome - Hot Wheels ™

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While many different photographs could claim the spot of this week's Weekly Kodachrome, this particular image seemed to reach out to me...especially as I took it while traveling to southern Utah just yesterday.

I saw the billows of black smoke reaching to the heavens from a mile or two away on the distant stretch of I-15. A moment before, a police vehicle had blazed by me as if I were at a standstill, lights and siren indicating that he had someplace to get to - and quickly

My breath caught in my lungs as I neared the fiery inferno that had once been a vehicle. I thought of the passengers, hoping upon hope that they'd managed to escape from the blazing confines in time. I drove through the plumes of throat-choking fumes, my vehicle was momentarily shielded from the sun; I then noticed the driver, standing forty or fifty feet away, watching as his mode of transportation incinerated itself.

I pulled over and watched for a moment as two firetrucks came charging to the rescue, hosing down the molten vehicle before the gas tank had a chance to explode.

I lifted my camera and let the shutter fly.

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Richard & Natalie said...

Wow...Exciting and yet, horribly sad. Glad no one was hurt and that YOU made it to your own destination safely.

Mindy said...

Wow! What an image!

I can't imagine the scorching heat of both the fire and the day in general. I'm glad that the driver was safe and that the police and firemen arrived in time to help. It's moments like these when you really appreciate those who are willing to spend time and risk their own safety to help.

(I can honestly say that I hope to never have the chance to capture such an image for myself.)

Dina Lettre said...

Oh, wow. That's certainly scary. Thank God for local heroes!

Kelly said...

Great shot! One for the pulitzer wall at the Newseum. Did you talk to the driver?

Nancy Claeys said...

Quite the capture -- thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

BellaVida Letty said...

Wow, that is one impressive photo. I can't imagine how uncomfortable all that black smoke must've been.

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