Monday, October 29, 2012

At the end of one journey.....

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There are days when all of this seems unreal.  That Jason will walk through the door any minute now, laughing away at how much we fell for this, the ultimate joke.

If it feels this way for those of us who were with him, who held his hand and watched him slip away so quickly, I can only imagine how it is for those who hadn't seen him for awhile.  

It is times like this that it all becomes so very real.....

Jason's headstone was installed today at the Pack River Cemetery in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Its a lovely and fitting memorial for one so dear.... his father George Zimmerman and his "other mother" Patsy commissioned this wonderful stone for this, his final resting place.  

Thank you also to Jason's dear friends the Hughes and Durrants from Green River, Utah who graciously collected stones from some of Jason's beloved haunts on the San Rafael Swell, as well as to Janelle and Gerb for providing some sweet fall decorations a few weeks ago on their pilgrimage north.

We love you Jason... and we rest assured in the belief that we will see and be with you again.  Until then, may we all continue on this adventure called life..... and enjoy every moment that it gives us.

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