Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Message from Jason's Dad

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Please listen to this song by Jason Crabb titled “Somebody Like Me“ and you will have a little understanding of what was going on in Jason’s head as he rode away from Provo, Utah a year ago.

Conversations with Jason

I feel like the person in this song…feeling like I have no hope. The news media has totally destroyed my life, my teaching career has ended , my integrity and honor gone. I’m guilty in the eyes of the world without even a trial. I guess I will know who my true friends are because everyone else will not be around.

This is how Jason felt when he rode away from Utah with his Dad and Mother Patsy just a little over a year ago. We only wished he understood the hundreds of family members and friends that believed in him and loved him and would never forsake him.

It has been a hard year dealing with the lost of a son; closing his estate and working with attorneys, but its finally ending. The Provo Police department has returned all of Jason’s personal items that were taken during the investigation and no incriminating evidence was found that could have convicted him of anything. Even with the many interviews conducted with former students and families nothing was found to convict or darken his name.

Jason told us that he was thankful that there were agents that protected children and watched out for their best interests. He only wished that when a teacher was being investigated, that teacher would not automatically lose his or her job. Jason had told us several times he did not hold anyone from the school district to blame and talked about the good times he had working at Amelia Earhart and all the good friends he had.

Anyone who knew Jason understood how important teaching was to him; standing up for the underdog and watching out for those who bullied. Sometimes it was very difficult with his migraines and the depression to get through the day, but all it took was for a old student to walk into his room and say, "Hi Mr. Z, do you remember me?"  Many of these old students would tell him how thankful they were to him for not giving up on them. These words would energize and lift Jason, help him with his depression and give him the encouragement to keep going forward.

Jason would want you to all to know that he is still teaching; just in a new place and he will see everyone again someday.

Please finish this by listening to “Walk on Water“, a song Jason just loved! One does not have to be perfect... just keep doing your best.

Please feel free to respond and let Jason and his parents know what his friends thought of him.
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