Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Last Day

Pin It What if it was your last day on Earth?

Funny that I should be blogging about this subject so early on a Saturday morning, especially when I stayed up so much later than I usually do on a Friday night.

When I awoke this morning from a somewhat restful night’s slumber, I felt the headache that had only started to sprout last night having matured into a full-fledged migraine. It pulsed, it throbbed, and it was awful. Yet, amidst it all, I had an anthem of sorts playing in and amongst the pain.

I took a helpful dose of a trusted migraine remedy, and stumbled to a hot shower. I let the drenchingly-warm water cascade over my head and down my back, slowly pulling away the hurt.

In about 15 or 20 minutes, the pain had almost fully subsided. I felt so much better.


The song with which I’d awoken in my head was still playing, and a blog post was already being written. What would I do if I woke up on a particular day and knew it was to be my last on Earth? It was startling, really, to think of being here one moment, and then not the next.

It was once said in Finding Neverland: “I suppose it's like the ticking crocodile, isn't it? Time is chasing after all of us…”

I had a lot of thoughts this morning on that subject, all of which simmered in my head, and most of which I choose not to share here. But it did leave me curious…what would you do? That is, if you knew that this was it? The final showdown? The last dogfight? The conclusion of the story? The moment right before the ending credits started rolling?

For me it was a sobering thought…now I’m off to do a little living.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moments with Joey – The Assignment

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. LUNCH RECESS, FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOM. Several students remain in the classroom, trying to get caught up on back work. The teacher is correcting and entering grades as he is approached by a student.

MARK: Mr. Z?

TEACHER: What did you need, Mark?

MARK: I need math page P-6-14. The computer says I didn’t do it.

TEACHER: Did you check the extra assignment bin? I know that there were some there the other day…

MARK: [The boy shakes his head]. I already looked; there aren’t any in there, Mr. Z.

TEACHER: Well, I could print you a new sheet, but if I do, it’ll cost you some class money. You remember that, right?

[Mark nods as another boy stops working at his desk and turns his head].

JOEY: You already did that assignment, Mark.

MARK: I did?

JOEY: Yeah, I recognized your handwriting on it, it’s in the ‘nameless and orphans’ bin.

[Joey springs from his seat and bounds across the classroom to the blue, plastic tote clearly marked, “Nameless and Orphans.” He digs down under a few sheets of paper and whips out the assignment].

MARK: Hey, that’s my paper! I just forgot to put my name on it!

[Joey grins, walks back to his seat, and begins working again].

TEACHER: Hey, Mark…Joey just found your assignment for you; you didn’t even tell him thanks. You should be over there kissing his feet right now.

[At this statement Joey kicks off both of his shoes, exposing exceptionally dirty socks. He spins around in his chair, and holds his feet up for Mark to start smooching them. Mark pauses and looks from Joey’s socks to the teacher, and then back at the feet again.].


TEACHER: [Stifling his laughter and maintaining a serious expression, with quite a bit of effort on his part]. On second thought, just go ahead and take the paper. Maybe thanks aren’t really necessary after all…

JOEY: Curses.

[Fade to black].

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Somebody Loves You...

Pin It A few weeks ago I challenged my class to be kind—anonymously. This idea came from a book titled, “Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.”

The story is about a lonely man who gets a mysterious package on Valentine’s Day with a small note that reads—quite simply—‘Somebody Loves You.’ Not wanting to spoil the story, I will forbear an abridgment.

I challenged my class to do an anonymous act of service for somebody else, and then write about it in their journals. With this charge, the kids set out for a weekend fraught with boxes of Valentines from each other, and overloaded on a sugar high.

The new week came.

As I was reading the kids’ journal entries the following Tuesday, I was greeted with a myriad of service opportunities, including unloading dishwashers, making beds, writing notes of kindness, and many other secret acts of love. But there was one entry that really hit home; it was written by a certain boy who’d made it a point to befriend a neighbor a year ago, one who could—quite easily—be described as a ‘cantankerous old codger.’ According to this boy, the elderly man would yell at kids, swear, scream at the neighbors, and in general had a bad attitude toward life and all those around him.

The boy wrote about how a year ago he’d bought a cupcake for the man, when he’d found out it was his birthday. When he knocked on the door, the man screamed at him. The boy ran home, crying because of the coarse mannerisms of his neighbor.

Yet, the boy did not give up.

Several more times the boy put items on the man’s porch and ran. Small gifts that would be gone the next time the boy went by the house.

When Christmas came, the boy bought a small six-inch tree from the dollar store. He left this meager gift on the man’s porch. As he put it down, he knocked on the door and ran away to hide.

He was caught.

The man called the boy back, and asked him to come in. It was on that day that the man told the boy that something had changed for him…that he appreciated all the things the boy had been doing for him. And also that he was sorry for the way in which he’d behaved before.

And so came an unlikely friendship between a ten year-old boy and a seventy year-old man, two individuals whose lives spanned three generations.

“He’s my friend now,” wrote the boy. “He was really nice after that, and sometimes we’d have hot chocolate at his house or play a game of checkers.”

It was this man for whom my student decided to do his act of kindness for.

It started off with a card, a small Valentine, and a tiny box with chocolates in it. The boy went on to write about how he’d planned to deliver this small token of affection and friendship when there was a knock on his door.

It was the man.

In the elderly man’s hand he held the little Christmas tree the boy had given him months before. He told the boy that he was moving to a rest home, and he wanted to return the tree to him. He then went on to tell the boy how much he’d come to appreciate and love him. He also thanked him for not giving up.

The old man left, and the boy was sad—but hopeful as well.

“I have a good friend.” The boy wrote of the elderly gentlemen. “Somebody who used to be a grumpy old man, but who isn’t anymore.”

Service with a smile.

Kindness given without thought of return.

A boy—only ten years old—who’d made a difference for someone else in the world around him.

Now the challenge goes out to you, my friends. I would like to issue the same charge I did for my class. I challenge you to go out and do an anonymous act of service for somebody else, and come back to tell us what it was. However, since this is anonymous, please leave your comment as ‘anonymous’ so that we don’t know exactly who you are.

You never know just how far that simple, little act will carry. Or the power that kindness might have on somebody else.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you remember?

Pin It It was probably a long time ago for you; at least it was for me.

I had gotten up on that Christmas Eve because I had heard noises in the living room: voices, movement, and a general air of trying to be quiet.

I eased out of bed, and with carpeted footfalls, slipped from my bedroom and peeked into the dimly-lit living room—ignited with the lights which festooned the evergreen with its homemade decorations and the plate of treats left out on an endtable for the late-night visitor.

What I saw that fateful night haunts me still. It was then that I knew, knew mind you. It was like a little part of me died at that moment of time; a euphorian wonder was forever lost.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Contest Winners

Pin It As one could most certainly check who the winners were by merely counting the amount of comments; however, I'll save you the labor. The winners of this contest were Tib and Gerb. I wanted to thank everyone for taking part, as well as checking out my photography website. I'd be flattered if you'd leave a comment letting me know which image was your favorite.

Don't worry for those tho didn't win it, eventually I'll do it all again.

Gerb and Tib, let me know what size - as well as which photo - from the website you would like. You can expect to get it in the next two weeks (depending on how far away you live...well, for you anyway, Tib. Gerb, I already know how to find you).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moments with Joey – The Tooth

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. AFTERNOON. CLASSROOM. The students are completing up a team persuasive writing assignment. The finished groups are instructed to practice reading their picture books aloud with voices and expression. The teacher begins to set up a computer review on magnetism; a boy approaches the teacher with his jaw shifted sideways and his head tilted slightly to one side.

JOEY: Mr. Z?

TEACHER: What’s up, Joey?

JOEY: Would you pull my tooth out?

TEACHER: [Surprised] Excuse me? Did you just ask me to pull out one of your teeth?

[The boy nods his head; he stares at the teacher with a serious expression].

JOEY: It’s all wiggly and it bothers me; it hurts. This one here. [The boy opens his mouth and points to the lower right lateral that he starts to move with his finger].

TEACHER: And you want me to pull it out?

[The boy nods his head jerkily].

JOEY: Yeah. You could use those pliers in the supply closet if you wanted to…

TEACHER: I don’t know…I’d really have to have your parent’s permission before I started yanking all your teeth out.

JOEY: Could you give me the pliers and I could do it myself?

TEACHER: Joey, those aren’t pliers, they’re wire cutters.

JOEY: Would they still work?

TEACHER: Probably not, that is unless your teeth were made of wire.

JOEY: So you won’t do it?

TEACHER: Sorry, I just can’t start pulling our your teeth without a note from your parents saying that I’m allowed to do it…after all, what if I yanked the tooth and your brains came spilling out or something?

JOEY: That wouldn’t happen. I haven’t had brains for a long time…

TEACHER: Even so, I still need permission. Sorry.

SCENE 2, INTERIOR. MORNING. CLASSROOM. The students are working on the morning self-starter via the Promethean board. As the bell rings, Joey walks in. He sees the teacher at the back of the classroom and hurries up to him, grinning.

TEACHER: So, did you bring the note?

JOEY: Nope, I don’t need to because my tooth is out now! [The boy points to the vacant place in his mouth where the loose tooth used to be].

TEACHER: What happened?

JOEY: Well, I decided to pull it out myself last night.

TEACHER: Wow, so how’d you do it?

JOEY: I decided to use the toaster.

TEACHER: A toaster?

[Joey begins to talk animatedly as he reenacts the entire episode from the night before].

JOEY: I tied a loop on a piece of string and THEN hooked it around my tooth; THEN I tied the other end of the string to our old toaster…the one that doesn’t work anymore. THEN I stood at the top of the stairs and threw the toaster down them!

[The teachers instinctively puts his hand to his mouth, horror-struck].

TEACHER: So your tooth came out I imagine?

JOEY: [grinning]. Yeah, it flew right out, and it jerked me forward a bit…but I didn’t fall down the stairs though.

TEACHER: Well, thank goodness for that.

JOEY: Yeah, but now my tooth is out, and it feels a lot better.

TEACHER: So now your tooth is ‘toast’?

[The boy starts laughing hysterically—after a moment he becomes somber yet again].

JOEY: Yep, toast…with jam.

TEACHER: [Sighing, trying to seem disappointed]. Well, still I wish you’d have brought that note.

JOEY: Tell you what, Mr. Z, you can pull out the next one.

TEACHER: If only I could be so lucky…

[Fade to black.]

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Posting Over There...

Pin It What's a favorite memory you have about your childhood? Want to know one of mine? Head over to Four Perspectives if you're interested.

If you're not interested, there is still probably something there which will peak it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gluttony 101 - Or Lack Thereof (The RPBC Story)

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I’m convinced that the world would be a much better place if there were more peanut butter.


What else is there that brings such supernal happiness and joy to the world?


It all started out about a week ago when a certain someone—whom I’ll choose to let remain anonymous so as to protect their identity (for the sake of this post let’s call her, ‘Rachel’)—brought a nondescript paper bag into my classroom and put it on my desk. All in all, it was very much like the drop-off. “You leave the money and I’ll get you the goods.” Very cloak-and-daggery.

Upon the completion of the school day I remembered the bag I’d seen ‘Rachel’ put on my desk. I was soon to discover that it contained a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup heart—a large, 5-ounce monstrosity made of pure, unadulterated goodness.

Intending to only sample a small portion, I opened the package and took a tiny bite. It was wonderful. It was practically teeming with moist, peanut-buttery goodness enveloped in a cocoon of love.

Can I just share here that I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Mind you, this is only so long as they aren’t outdated…old RPBCs are just about the nastiest things in existence; I put these akin to the Whitman Samplers where one is taking their taste buds on a kamikaze mission with every piece in the box. With these it’s always one of two things: gross or grosser. I’d rather gargle glass—great, big shards of it with pointy edges.

But this post is not about glass garglage, but about Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. One small taste led to another, and before I knew it, the Reeses heart had been completely consumed—much to my dismay.

I ventured to the local supermarket, hoping to find another that would be reasonably priced.

Nearly $5? I think not.

I decided that I’d wait until after the holiday in order to pick one up for a steal. Therein lay my mistake. You see, I’d intended to go out at the earliest possible hour—before the scavengers swooped in with their biddy, clutching fingers, and heaped their carts to brimming with after-holiday goodness.

The vultures.

Unfortunately, I was working on my photography website last night—far into the early morning hours. When I finally crashed, I slept in later than I’d anticipated. It wasn’t until sometime in the early afternoon that I even remembered my mission.

Racing to the nearest store, I encountered a great, big, steaming pile of nothing.

Over the course of the next three hours—and eight different grocery stores—I came up empty-handed. I realized that I’d made the cardinal mistake that I’d made two years ago. Even if you'd been a frequenter of this blog back then, you’d probably not be aware of this little fiasco in which I was Reesesless. After all, I don't think I posted it to the world. One would think that I’d have learned a valuable lesson though, and not made the same mistake yet again.

No comment.

So, is the world a better place? Not as of yet, but I’m still hopeful. After all, there is always Easter.

By the way, you probably won't want to click HERE. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Contest

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Addendum: Sorry that I didn't make this clear at the outset, but each blogger is allowed to comment for the one person who referred them this gives them one point, not a vote. Also, this is one per blogger account...not each member of your extended family with comments all made from the same account. Sorry for not making that more clear.

It’s been a while since I’ve offered up a free photo from my photography site or blog…so, it’s that time again.

I know. Crazy, isn’t it?

Rules? Of course there are rules. Rules are important. Rules outline our society and give us a safety net of sorts. Rules allow us to know when we’re doing what we should. Rules are boundaries. Rules let us know when we are the winners, and others are most definitely not. Also, these rules have changed up just a bit from the last time—and are far more confusing. After all, isn’t that what everyone just loves?

My thoughts exactly.

So, Teachinfourth, how does one enter this contest?

Glad you asked, because there are a myriad of ways…well, three you can do right this very second:

  1. Make a comment on this post. (Wasn’t that easy? Of course, you can only comment once for a point; none of that, ‘I’ll make a thousand comments’ junk…).
  2. Add “Adventures and Misadventures of Daily Living” to your blog sidebar (Another way to enter, and it’s worth three points? Fantastic!).
  3. Subscribe to this blog. Why not? It’s worth a point. (Obviously, you can only do each of these one time).

Before I go any farther, let me explain the above three rules just a little bit further, because I already know some of you are going to say, “Teachinfourth, you’re already on my sidebar and/or I’ve already subscribed…that’s so not fair!”

No worries. If you’ve already subscribed, or added a link on your sidebar, just let me know in your comment that you did/are doing it. Make sense? Wow, you’re already chalked up 5 points!


So, Teachinfourth, what’s another way to ‘rack up’ numbers?

Glad you asked…after all, depending on the amount of friends you have, this one could—quite literally—be a point explosion for you:

  1. Pass along a link of this blog post to a friend and have them make a comment—adding to the note, “So-and-so sent me.” (Obviously inserting your name, or that would be really hard to track now, wouldn’t it? You know, a whole group of so-and-sos). For each person who mentions your name as their “referrer,” you will get one additional tally toward your overall score. The person you referred that leaves a comment gets a point toward their score, too. (I do ask that when somebody makes a comment, they do so using their blogger/wordpress/ect., blogging account. After all, it would be far too easy to simply type a bunch of “anonymous” comments and do a lot of self-promoting now, wouldn’t it?).
  2. The two individuals with the most points will be eligible for a free matted print (up to 8 x 12) from either this blog or the Backroads Photography website when the contest ends on Friday, February, 19th at midnight. (Mountain Standard Time). If you had a photo session done sometime in the past, then the answer is ‘yes’; you are more than welcome to pick one of your proofs as your winning photo or the digital negative of that proof; if you are a creepy stalker-type person who wants a photo of some family that isn’t really yours, sorry, that’s a no-go.
  3. On February 19th check back on the comments, tally up your score, and then the two people with the most referrals send an email letting me know the print they’d like sent. It will take approximately one to two weeks for your print to arrive.

Feel free to email with any questions you have.

P.S. Past winners are eligible for this contest, too.

Teachinfourth, one final question...

Fire away.

If I win, how do I look at the photos on your blog to pick one? After all, maybe you haven't put the shot I want on your photography website yet.

The best way is to just look through posts, many are tagged such as these; this makes it easier, but the best way to do it is to click here and kind of peruse. There's a lot of shoots I've done and so forth mixed in, but that's the best way to find additional shots not on the Backroads site for for now.

White Rain

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Isn’t it customary to want what it is that we do not currently have?

The past few days have been a veritable heat wave for this time of year—students sporting shorts and t-shirts at school; then again, I guess some of them do that year round. The weather has been wonderful.

This morning I felt a longing for rain—or perhaps snow, something to reflect upon. I am not the biggest snow enthusiast there is; however, there is something calming and wonderful about seeing the large, crystalline flakes drifting from the heavens like manna.

I got ready for the day—after all, one never knows when they might have to run out for a bit, and it would be nice to have already showered. Since being dressed was not really a concern, I slipped back into comfortable pajamas. I moved quietly to the window, convinced that there would be neither rain nor snow, and yet I had a strange hope that there would be. I opened the blinds and found myself surprised as I was greeted with tiny, silvery, flakes drifting from a melancholy sky.

I sat and watched them for quite awhile. The flakes began to grow in size and started to multiply. Like cottonwood fluff carrying seeds bustling with new life. The soft flakes were soon joined by others, and a slight wind picked up, driving them like a pale rainstorm.

All is right with the world. All is new.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sufficient was the Day

Pin It I love my job.

Don’t get me wrong.

But some days are just hard.

There are moments when one feels like a glorified babysitter: dealing with problems, trying to get the kids to be nice to each other, tutoring long after most others have gone, as well as trying to teach the curriculum during the course of a day which is much too short already—and yet far too long in the same breath.

As I left the building this evening, the sun was rapidly making its descent into the western skyline; a barrage of color ignited the azure horizon with rusty blood and saffron.

Another calendar day was done. Another battle fraught with hard work completed. It was now time to go home and recharge for yet another voyage into the fray on the morrow.

Yet, I felt content for the day. A wholesome meal was only moments away, and a drive home fraught with the music I love.

I climbed into my car and put the keys into the ignition. It was then that I saw the torn piece of notebook paper held under my windshield wiper, fluttering lightly in the gentle evening breeze like eggshell sparrow wings. It had been hastily torn from a student’s notebook.

I climbed from my car to investigate.

I read.

I grinned.

I was invigorated; the batteries were already starting to recharge.

The sunset was twice as beautiful as it was before.

Sufficient was the day.

No Hints Today

Pin It I could write something witty here to encourage you to go here to read about this, but I won't. I could give you a subtle hint to get you to click over, but I'm not. I could offer you a great, big bag of money to read what I've written, but I can't...or rather, won't.

Enough said.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On Stage

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I went to a recital tonight. I watched the performers as they played out their well-rehearsed pieces. I found myself surrounded by music; an entire album playing without the aid of electricity or speakers.

I listened.

It’s strange how a song can evoke emotions from deep within. How it can link us to a fleeting moment of time. How it binds us to others. How it keeps us young. A simple fingering of notes on the keys speaks a story, a fleeting wave can speak volumes. A smile can brighten a room.

I gazed at these young performers as they played; my emotions were brought very close to my eyes.

Ah, music.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon: The Recipe & Process

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Okay, since everybody else seems to be explaining how to make either this or that, I figured that I'd take a crack at the realms of food preparation and share this delightful dish which will strike a chord with ALL the members of your family. Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not.

First off, you'll need a bowl. I recommend using whatever is in the cabinet. Luckily, I have one clean one. Old plastic butter containers work for this as will an old cocoa mug in a pinch. The container is not really that just need something to contain the goodness.

I recommend putting the container you are using on a solid surface. The counter works well for this though some people prefer using a table.

Next, you'll need a utensil. Though there is a plethora of choices and options, I would urge you to use a spoon. It can either be of the larger or smaller all depends on the size of your mouth. A fork or knife is not really the tool of choice because it would really slow you down.

Don't worry, you'll understand.

As you can see, I have chosen to utilize a smaller spoon for this particular project simply because I wanted to.

A good idea is to put the spoon next to the bowl so that it will be handy, this way, you'll also not forget where you placed it. This step is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended.

Next, you should check your pantry, cupboard, or wherever you keep your breakfast fare. I keep mine in the pantry mostly because there is a lot more room next to the Oreos and chocolate chips. I can also choose to change my mind when I see the options available on the other shelves.

While your varieties might be different, these instructions will work just fine for any one of them. Here were my two main options for today:

I decided on the Cinnamon Toasters for today. These are the knock-off brand which tastes just about the same as Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and they are a heck of a lot cheaper.

Some people pour with their left hand, while others pour with their right. You are more than welcome to pour with the one which is most comfortable for you. If you choose the other hand that you don't normally use, you might spill.

The next step is to get the milk from the fridge. While this is my fridge, yours might look a bit different. Don't look for a fridge in your house exactly like this one, or you'll never get past this step. Just look for the large appliance which keeps your food cold. Usually these tend to be of a whitish color.

Now, you'll need to get the milk from the fridge for this next step. If you're like me, you will probably open up your refrigerator and then suddenly realize that you forgot to buy milk yesterday, and today is now Sunday. If you have any favorite expletives, feel free to use these now.

If there had been milk in the fridge, there would have been a few other steps going in that direction; however, with the lack of this delightful white beverage, we will take the other route.

Grab the cereal from the bowl with your bare hand and eat it dry. It's not bad, and the sugar helps you to believe it's really some type of candy.

Once the cereal is gone you can either put the bowl and spoon back in the cupboard (since they weren't really used) or put them in the sink with all of the other dirty dishes that you plan on doing later, but will probably not get around to for quite some time. I opted to put the bowl in the sink and the spoon back in the drawer.

There you have it, my friends. If there were any questions you had on any of these steps, please make that in the comments section or feel free to email.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moments with Joey – The Pet

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. AFTERNOON. CLASSROOM. The students are leaving the classroom for afternoon recess. The teacher takes a few books which need shelving and heads to the bookshelf in the corner of the room; he is stopped by a boy still sitting at his desk by that corner.

JOEY: Mr. Z?

TEACHER: What’s up, Joey?

JOEY: I was just wondering…what if I was a cat?

TEACHER: (confused) A cat?

[The boy nods his head and then grins at the teacher.]

JOEY: Yeah, but not just any cat…your cat.

[The teacher looks at the boy for a moment then shakes his head.]

TEACHER: I’m afraid that I’d have to get rid of you; you see, I’m allergic to cats.

[The boy sits for a second with a furrowed brow and then looks at the teacher again with shining eyes].

JOEY: What if I was a dog?

TEACHER: I don’t think so, dogs really belong outside; besides, my yard isn’t really big enough for a dog. I’d have to get rid of you.

JOEY: A talking bird?

TEACHER: Talking birds are annoying. Sorry, I can’t stand them.

JOEY: A monkey?

TEACHER: I really don’t have a place to keep a monkey, and they’re not my favorite animal anyway; I’m afraid you’d have to go.

JOEY: What if I was a small pet? Would you keep me?

TEACHER: Animals really aren’t my style, Joey. Sorry.

JOEY: What about a 5th grader?

TEACHER: Now that I’d keep.

[Fade to black]

Thursday, February 4, 2010

These Are A Few...

Pin It I was recently issued a challenge to list 100 of my favorite things. Ah, a contest of words...The gauntlet has been thrown down, and the ball low lies in my court. How could I possibly pass up such an opportunity?

My thoughts exactly.

However, one would be prone to wonder...why aren't certain things mentioned in said list? Why are they put in that particular order? How come this or that was not mentioned?

To answer each and every one of these burning questions I must deflect by simply stating, not all of my favorite things are listed. After all, then whence would lie the mystery and mystique?

So, by all means just realize that this list is not all-inclusive, nor is it in any particular order. In other is what it is.
  1. Reading
  2. Rollerblading
  3. Dancing
  4. Barbecues
  5. Friends
  6. Friends' friends
  7. Facebook
  8. Blogger
  9. Instant messaging
  10. French Fries
  11. Dr. Pepper
  12. Staionary
  13. Texting
  14. Stamping
  15. Christmas decorating
  16. Gold chains
  17. Bath and Body Works
  18. Scented candles
  19. Periwinkle shirts
  20. Frosting
  21. Aprons
  22. Die-cuts
  23. Scrapbooking
  24. Singing
  25. Love
  26. Valentine's Day
  27. Talking for hours
  28. Dating
  29. Long phone calls
  30. Pina Coladas
  31. Walks in the rain
  32. Healthy foods
  33. Exercising
  34. Yoga
  35. The feel of the ocean
  36. Dunes of the cape
  37. Chocolate dipped chocolate
  38. Sunsets
  39. Rainbows
  40. Haircuts
  41. Gardening
  42. Pillows
  43. Ruffles
  44. Meditation
  45. Sounds of Nature CDs
  46. Oprah
  47. Sheri Dew
  48. Milkshakes
  49. Not getting dirty
  50. Twilight
  51. Unicorns
  52. Pretty flowers
  53. Gossip
  54. Giggling
  55. Relief Society doilies
  56. Fluffy poodles
  57. Truffles
  58. Stickers
  59. Bubble baths
  60. The Notebook
  61. Chapstick
  62. Jane Austin
  63. Shopping
  64. Raindrops on Roses
  65. Whiskers
  66. Kittens
  67. Brightness
  68. Copper kettles
  69. Warmth
  70. Woolen mittens
  71. Brown paper
  72. Packages
  73. String
  74. Girls
  75. White dresses
  76. Blue satin
  77. Sashes
  78. Snowflakes
  79. Noses
  80. Eyelashes
  81. Silver
  82. White winters
  83. Melting
  84. Spring
  85. Cream
  86. Colored Ponies
  87. Crisp apple strudel
  88. Doorbells
  89. Sleigh bells
  90. Schnitzel
  91. Noodles
  92. Wild geese
  93. Moon
  94. Wings
  95. Biting dogs
  96. Stinging bees
  97. Remembering
  98. Feelings
  99. Feeling bad
  100. So bad

As you probably guessed, that list above was TOTALLY real. What can I say? Tell you what, I'll even give you my second list of most favorite things...
  1. The desert - How could one not love this place of sublime beauty?
  2. Being alone - Sometimes, I just need that time away from everything and everybody.
  3. Good friends - Those to laugh with, or a good shoulder to lean on.
  4. Teaching - My students bring me some of my greatest joy...and deepest sorrow.
  5. Mentoring - I sure do miss those boys sometimes.
  6. Family - For those present and absent from my life.
  7. Books - I'll forgo titles, but just know that there are a slew of them.
  8. Forests - There's nothing like an evergreen mountain forest, is there?
  9. Hiking - As well as good health to allow me to do it.
  10. Camping - Can anything compare with spending a night out beneath a star-strewn sky?
  11. Photography - If I haven't said enough about this in the past, then I've not expressed myself very well, now have I?
  12. Writing - We all need an outlet...this is only one of mine.
  13. Music - It washes the spirit and awakens us anew.
  14. A home - Four walls to protect and warm.
  15. Hot showers - There's no better way to start off a day.
  16. Cafe Rio - If you've not eaten there, you have no idea of what heavenly delights you're missing.
  17. Clouds - There's something to be said of the grey, swirling storm clouds.
  18. Rain - Bring it on...the harder the better.
  19. That song - You know the've got yours, I've got mine.
  20. Location - There's something to be said of living in a place which gets all four seasons and a white Christmas most years.
  21. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - What can I say? Gluttony comes in small packages.
  22. Digital home cinema - When the movie is your house, it is a great place to be.
  23. A conscience - Not that I always listen to it, but it's nice to know it's there...someplace.
  24. Readers - There's something to be said in having people read what you write - and leaving a comment every once and awhile.
  25. Democracy - There's too many other places where this is not available. Thank heavens for being born in the United States.
  26. Email - How in the world would I ever keep in touch with people out there? Oh, I guess Facebook still works...
  27. Random anonymous acts of kindness - Can't say anymore about that here, otherwise it wouldn't be anonymous anymore, would it?
  28. The guitar - I'm not Clapton, but I can hold my own and impress fifth graders with my skills.
  29. Autumn - By far the greatest of the four, not the music group.
  30. iPods - When you have the ability to carry around 27,000 songs wherever you go, you feel pretty special.
  31. 26 less than before - One day, I'll blog about this.
  32. Remote controls - Oh, how they make my life more better.
  33. Mail - To open the mailbox and find that letter or package is just enough to make my day.
  34. Shows like LOST, Supernatural, Smallville, Castle, The Office, Firefly, and Voyager - Enough said.
  35. BYU Fudge Brownies - With a scoop of French vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel, and slathered in strawberry sauce. This will be in heaven.
  36. Accomplishment - There's something to be said of a job well-done.
  37. Air - What would we breathe without it?
  38. Flying - I just wish that I had this ability without a plane.
  39. The Pacific Northwest - There are things about it which I still loathe, but I really do miss this place. Summer was a good time to 'see' it all again.
  40. Freshly-mowed grass - That smell wafting about on the summer breeze is simply amazing.
  41. Christmas trees - The white twinkle-lights and tinsel bring with them their own kind of magic.
  42. Headlamps - What an amazing invention...they really help with caving or hands-free hiking and climbing.
  43. Heroes - The world can ever have enough of them. I have mine, you have yours. Perhaps even one or two of them are the same.
  44. (lack of) Migraines - Stopped taking the meds and have only had 2 or 3 since November.
  45. Sunsets - The flood of color in a nightly painting on cloud. Breathtaking.
  46. Laptops - Imagine how hard it would be to lug around a desktop everywhere you went.
  47. Rescues - Yeah, I needed it twice.
  48. Cell phones - Saved my life on more than one occasion. I anticipate that they will continue to do so in the future.
  49. A job - Look at the economy - we should all feel fortunate.
  50. YouTube - What video can't you find on that thing?
  51. Bread, straight from the oven - When you smell it, it's like somebody left a window open in the kitchen of heaven itself.
  52. Twilight - I've got to make fun of something...
  53. Prayer - How often it has come in handy...
  54. Memories - The good, the bad, and those which haven't been repressed.
  55. Notes from students - No matter how crummy a day just might go, one of these seems to make it all go away.
  56. Musicals - I have only been to 5 or 6 in my life, but those I've attended were AMAZING.
  57. Forgetfulness - There are just some things better left off in the halls of yesteryear and out of sight and mind.
  58. Breakfast for dinner - Hash browns, blueberry pancakes or French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Maybe a glass of orange juice as well...
  59. Microwaves - Dinner in under a minute? Sounds like a blessing to me.
  60. I would say Dr. Pepper, but I kicked the habit. My name is Teachinfourth and I've been sober for three months, seventeen days...
  61. Maple bars - Manna of the gods.
  62. Clothes - I think I've said enough about that.
  63. Indoor plumbing - Trips to the outhouse would be mighty chilly this time of year.
  64. Humor - Without it, my life with be a postmoral...well, bad.
  65. New beginnings - Who doesn't appreciate a 'do over' every now and again?
  66. BBQ grills - Baked hamburgers and steak? I think not.
  67. Medicine - I had a kidney infection once, thank Allah for antibiotics.
  68. Electric razors - Because shaving with a blade is a pain in the neck.
  69. Hair gel - Something's gotta keep this do doing what it does.
  70. A CR-V - Has there ever been a better vehicle for on, or off-roading?
  71. Deodorant - I think this speaks for itself along with toilet paper and toothbrushes.
  72. Multivitamins - It's all about getting healthy without necessarily having to eat that way.
  73. Cinnamon gum - Not only does it combat bad breath, it tastes good, too.
  74. Helpers - When those people come in to help out in the classroom and are not upset when I have to finish teaching before I can get them going on something.
  75. Wheat Thins - Sundried tomato and basil to be exact. If you haven't had any, I highly recommend it.
  76. Candles - There's something about the smell they give and the ambiance they provide to a home.
  77. BluRay - Have you seen one of these movies before?
  78. Glasses and contacts - Try seeing the world through bleary eyes - yeah, it isn't any type of picnic.
  79. Being loved by others - Yeah, it's totally NOT underrated.
  80. Visitors - It's always nice to get those every once and again.
  81. Imitation - When a student comes to school with their hair spiked all over the place it just makes my day.
  82. Siblings - For the good and the bad they give.
  83. Halloween - Not too many horrible memories of this amazing holiday.
  84. Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Eggs at Easter - Bring on the chocolately, evil goodness. Two this year, please.
  85. Steak - Marinated just right, this delight is about as good as it gets.
  86. Jars of Clay - If you haven't listened to them, you really should.
  87. Moms - I have two. I love them both.
  88. Dad - Things weren't always so great between us, now I can't imagine a life without him in it.
  89. Strawberries - Dipped in chocolate, over ice cream, or just straight from the plant.
  90. Procrastination - I'll get to the rest later...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Give My Regards to Yesterday

Pin It Perhaps the title does not truly do the post justice. It probably doesn't. It's the best I could come up with in a pinch...the few minutes before my school day is to start and I won't get back to my blog until some undisclosed time later tonight.

Anyhow, the post is over at Four Perspectives if you want to check it out.
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