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So, just who is the infamous Teachinfourth? Well, I guess that really all depends on your perspective, now doesn't it?

If you were one of my students, I would be your fifth grade teacher. If you were in the process of getting a photo shoot done with myself on the other end of the camera, I would be a photog. If you were a hiker lost out in the middle of Nowhere, Utah, I would probably be the guy who saved your life--and then blogged about the experience. If you carry the same surname which I do, then we are probably related somewhere along the many-branched family tree.

Lucky you.

I could go on, but I won't.

I am a blogger from the beautiful state of Utah. Okay, a state that's beautiful during specific times. As I look at it, I don't really need to claim this state as my home, because I still don't - even though I currently do have mortgage and a Utah driver's license.

So, what got me to Utah in the first place?

Such a good question.

Well, the truth of the matter is that I chased a girl here whom I was never actually able to quite catch. Since the local religiously-based university accepted me (never bothered to check credentials, I guess) I attended and graduated with a teaching certificate and a bag full of dreams. Originally, my thinking was that I'd graduate and then get the heaven out of here; unfortunately though, I was offered a job straight out of the chute and I've never looked back--except for longingly at my old hometown from time to time.

I am currently a juggler of butcher knives, a reader of stories with a dozen different voices, and was an extra in High School Musical IIItotally not kidding; unfortunately all of my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. I have a strong interest in photographymostly from my mom and grandfather. I love to hike the lonely desert vistas, and if a few days passed with my seeing anybody else, I would count this a blessing. 

I carry a secret affinity for maple bars, too. So far, those available at the bakery at Target blow the frosting off the competition.

I do write for another blog, Four Perspectives. I started this endeavor off with my longtime friend, Gerb. We shanghaied a couple of our friends (okay we blackmailed them) into doing it with us, and now we're the stuff that legends are made of.

Music? I love it! I am somewhat partial to a few bands/artists at the present time; a few of these are (but are not limited to): Steven Curtis Chapman, Vertical Horizon, Dustin Christensen, Nickel Creek, The All American Rejects, Jars of Clay, and The Eagles.

What else could I say that I haven't already covered? If you happen to think of something that I should have added, only didn't, feel free to email to teachinfourth at yahoo and remind me - or you could just click the Z-Mail button and save yourself all the hassle.

Enough said.

Oh yeah, you can access the profile here. As if you'd want to...
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