Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday thanks

Pin It I wanted to write tonight thanking people for a great birthday yesterday. When I stopped to think on all of the ‘little things’ it really added up to quite a bit altogether!

I had an awesome surprise with a Dunford Maple Bar. They are my absolute favorite, and a parent went out of his way (even researching where to get one online) to bring me one before school. It tasted awesome, and it really started the day off right.

I had another parent who made a “Calvin & Hobbes” cake. She’s done this before, but this year went over the top with it…I know that a lot of time went in to this, and I appreciated it too.

One other parent brought in cupcakes for my class—I’m pretty sure she did this as backup…just in case I didn’t have anything planned, and it was greatly loved by the entire class—probably because of the Batman rings on the top of each cupcake.

I brought Chunk-A-Poo Cookies.

The kids had never had them before (well, most of them) and were really excited to finally be able to partake of these delights which have remained a secret family recipe for nearly 10 years. I did make them work for them though…a little clue hunt around the classroom to the theme of Mission Impossible made it all the more exciting.

When the day ended, a previous student came to visit with her family, and they bought in some peanut butter treats. These were great (not quite yours though, Nettle) and we talked for quite awhile about various and sundry things.

I had kind of expected—or hoped—that a crowd of old students would show up. This happens every year, and I was anticipating it happening again this year. I won’t lie…I was just a bit disappointed when they didn’t. I had to remind myself that moving over a mile away really makes visits much more difficult when all one has is a bike or a scooter. I probably take my car far too much for granted.

I left the school around 5:00 and went to another friend’s house who’d made homemade donuts. She’d even attempted a family recipe for maple bars, which were different than what I was used to, but good all the same.

Finally, after arriving home and changing, a good friend of mine and I went to Carrabba’s for dinner. It was a great treat and I had forgotten just how good the food was there. The best way I could describe it is an explosion of taste with every bite.

After dinner I came home, looked at the presents from my parents and siblings, and consciously decided not to open them until Saturday…that way I still have something to look forward to.

Before retiring, I caught up on a dozen or so blogs which I hadn’t had the opportunity to read before.

I wanted to apologize for the length of this entry and the apparent lack of creative writing. I mostly wanted to just get it online without staying up too late…after all, tomorrow is yet another day.

Also, I thought about posting photos, but I don’t know as if I could put photos of my class on a blog without special permission, so I instead choose not to do so. Just know that we all looked FABULOUS!

S&T – The gifts were awesome as was desert Sunday. I felt I needed to add those in as well…after all, they were appreciated too.

G&A - A scathing blog entry of your selflessness and generosity just may be in the immediate future...

KJ - The card was great and made me smile.

If you did something for the day of my birthing and I forgot to mention it, I ask for your forgiveness. I blame my temporary lapse in memory completely on the lateness of the hour and my old age.

P.S. I hope you’re all still planning on coming Saturday…Christmas in September just won’t be the same without you there.

P.S.2. There was something else I wanted to talk about with my class yesterday only I am having trouble remembering what it was. If I remember, I will post it tomorrow...

Goodnight, Bloggers.


G&A said...

This was thanks enough. Let's leave it at that.

Meg said...

That is the coolest cake ever.

cari said...

Just so you know, Cole did make a "Z" present for you this year but it has disappeared. Seriously, I have no idea where it is. He was pretty bummed because he spent quite a bit of time on it. Hopefully it will turn up soon. Glad you had a fun day!

annette said...

The cake was a lot of fun to make- and well worth the effort. If you want to know how I made it:

I'm glad to hear that you were spoiled. Everyone should be spoiled on their birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey,Hey Birthday Boy!
I am glad you had a wonderful day. You deserved it!
I was planning on coming to celebrate this weekend, but I have a funeral to go to, and family I should spend time with as this is a hard time for them. (My nephew & his wife just lost their baby)
I know this is one party that I am going to regret missing!

Gerb said...

So glad your day turned out great! Everyone deserves a day full of sugar to celebrate themselves once a year.

By the way, that first comment was from G&A. For some reason, the "&" turns into "&" on here. They wanted me to let you know.

Gerb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gerb said...

Ok, I'm trying again. Blogger changes "&" to &(no space here)amp; when used in a name, but in a comment it changes back to "&" to make me look dumb. Let's see if that one worked...

Gerb said...


Sorry. I'm ok now.

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