Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prayers in the Attic

Pin It Another day starts and I talk in my head,
An uttered prayer and then roll out of bed.
I ne’r did pause or think to know,
About what I’d asked or how it’d go.

I was anxious yes, for another day,
When prayer was through and it was time for play.
I quickly finished my hurried prayer,
No thought to where it went from there.

For days on end and then for weeks,
My prayers were often quick and weak.
For I had things, yes thing to do,
My prayers were said, oh that I knew.

The years swept by and one day I crept,
Up our creaky attic steps.
I was curious then what I may find,
Up in a space unused by time.

I stumbled o’er something on the floor,
Dusty covered and left unstored.
I bent down and brushed away the dust,
From the hardened surface, caked with rust.

I drew in a gasp for there it lay,
A prayer I once had thought I’d prayed.
I saw another and dozens ‘round,
Prayers I’d prayed thought heaven-bound.

I could only then wonder why they stay,
And not off on their journey so far away.
I then felt tears escape my eyes,
As I realized that I had not tried.

I could recall with each one,
The things I’d prayed but left undone.
The Lord hadn’t answered or so I thought,
But he couldn’t return calls He never got.

I see that prayers to heaven never go,
When spoken thoughtless by us below.
With confidence renewed I then said,
A vow I would do better instead.

For never again did I want the disgrace,
Of letter to God in this dusty space.
And so let us try with power spent,
Into heartfelt prayers to ensure they’re sent.



Deo Volente said...

This poem is absolutely incredible! I love it.

annette said...

Sigh. I am so guilty of this very thing.

BTW, nice poem.

Stephen said...

WOW! I always seem to learn something here.

Grafxgurl said...

that is so true.. i never thought of it that way. I guess it IS talking to God, and He deserves ALL our unconditional attention and worship.
But i do think He hears every prayer though.. said thoughtlessly or otherwise.

Kris said...

Wow! I have alot of rusty old prayers laying around. I'm guilty of not taking the time to make sure my calls go through. That was a wonderful poem.

Gerb said...

Guilty. I'm avoiding the attic.

Anonymous said...

Loved the poem. I get so busy, and going over my daily schedule each morning, that this poem really hit home! Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.

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