Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making Memories

Pin It When we don’t have plans we can either wait for someone to make the magic happen, or we can put the magic into motion ourselves. This Friday night I had no prospects, so I called a few friends of mine and put something into movement.
A group of old and new friends met at “The Trolley” down in Art City last night. We laughed for hours. We reminisced of yesterday. We spoke of the future. We had a wonderful time.
We all need good friends.


Meg said...

I like the first two sentences. I'm actually doing just that tomorrow for Mother's Day.

Looks like you had a blast.

K.J. said...

Where is that place? It looks like I missed out again. See what happens when I take my kids places and forget my phone on the couch!
I did get your message, it said nothing about meeting up for food, but it sure made me smile. I needed that message today!
My childrens lives of life guard classes, dance, prom, graduations, birthdays...etc. I just can't keep up...Life sure gets busy!
By the way...I seen you at Hope of America. I was just to the left of you, down a wee bit, sitting by the railing in the three seater! I waved, but you didn't see me, but...I saw you at the top in yellow! looks good on you!

birdeeb said...

Where is art city & where is that restaurant?? Those pictures look yummy!!! ;o) It is good to have great friends! Very important. ;o)

Gerb said...

Where would we be without friends? Glad you had some good food and great company. Plus the pictures aren't too shabby, either. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Looks like some good chow. Great pics, like always--like the spoons especially.

Teachinfourth said...

M - Good plan. It was a lot of fun.

KJ - Eventually we'll catch up with'll just take some time.

B - You could find it here.

G - Good point. Have you and Allen ever been there before? If not, I recommend it.

H - That one is my favorite as well.

Corine Moore said...

Sweet! I LOVE the attitude that brought about the magic. I also love the decor! :D Great photos!

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