Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Valentine's Day

Pin It I was driving home from school tonight. Evening was settling in, and the sky threatened snow, but it had yet to make good on its threat.

As I drove, “It’s too Late,” by Carole King came on on the radio. As the song progressed, it reminded me a record mom used to play back when I was a kid. My thoughts turned to Valentine’s Day when I attended Summit Valley School a lifetime ago…the memories of making valentine holders and attaching these to the sides of our desks. Eating cupcakes with whipped frosting. Passing out cards with cartoon characters on them to everyone in class—plus that one special card for the teacher that came in every 32-count box of valentines.

I my mind drifted to my own class’ party earlier today. I had wanted to give a card that would be something unlike the typical usually given out; yet it had to be something amazing and fun at the same time. So, again this year I decided to give the kids a card of my own making.

Twenty minutes later, with the aide of Photoshop, this is what had emerged.

Of course, it was printed in black and white so as to save the wear and tear on the cartridges of the color printer. Also, it said that it was from Mr. Z on the bottom instead of Teachinfourth (I thought I’d change that up so that you could print yourself a copy, and then tuck it away with your other prized Teachinfourth holiday possessions).

Needless to say, the card was a hit and had the exact results that I’d anticipated. Snatches of comments like, “Oh man…this is way too cool!” and “How did Mr. Z get these?” drifted to my ears over the music that was playing.

Over the course of the next five or so minutes, the valentines were passed out—ah that rite of passage of the elementary years…

I snapped back to the present for a moment as I drove under the underpass by the tracks, I again thought of my own years of Valentine’s Day. The outlandish dancing, the sugar rush, and the feeling that a relationship was never very complicated. If you liked her, you acted like an idiot and wouldn’t leave her alone until she either hit you, or told you that she liked you back.

Oh, how some things never change…

When my students begged me to play “The Party Anthem,” it was like a throwback to my own years in elementary school…they all began to dance insanely about the classroom, each claiming that he or she could do the shuffle. Of course, only one student proved that he was fully capable of it.

You got it; it was Joey.

Of course, walking around the classroom with a video camera inspired even more outrageous moves, as well as a dozen students begging me to put the video on YouTube – to all of which I deflected with, “Nope, not a chance…I don’t want to scare anyone out there.”

Than before I knew, it the day had reached its end. More than enough sugar had been consumed by the kids to put the most stalwart anti-nonsugarist into a tizzy. The bell sounded, and the kids left right before the rush had set in—and most likely—the coma inspired afterwards.

Sitting in my car, Carole’s song ended, and with it, the musings of the day.

Another Valentine’s had passed successfully, and I had survived. I switched the channel and kept on driving.


Connie said...

Thanks for the awesome Valentine card!
On Valentine's day, school is where it's happenin'!

Again, another post that takes us right along with you. I can even hear Carole King singing.

Mindy said...

Great post.

Awesome card!

Had a bit of the same sugar-tastic fun going on, too. Amazing how some things are the same wherever you go.

Here's to the survivors... :-)

mamahasspoken said...

Ah the wonderful day of love celebrated in a classroom. It doesn't get better than this ;o)
I got a box of chocolates from a not so favorite Joey. Hum, makes me wonder what he has plan the next time I have him ;o/

Karen M. Peterson said...

That's a great card.

Sounds like you had a really fun day with your kids!

Just SO said...

What a great card!!!

I went in to help with my daughters Valentines Party and another mom had come up with the brilliant idea of doing and "Iron Chef" competition to see who could make the best dessert with ingredients she provided. I was one of the judges. The kids actually did a really good job coming up with some yummy concoctions.

But that's nothing compared to Joey shuffling.

wendy said...

What a great card you came up with.
Brings back so many memories of even MY valentines day...and although I am much older then you, some things never change when It comes to Valentines day.
How cool is that.

tammy said...

You made me think of my own Valentine's Day memories. Nothing like Valentine's Day in elementary school. It's the best.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Sugar rushes and all, there is still no place better to be on Valentine's Day than an elementary school. Love your card.

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