Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Kodachrome - Distant Roads

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I am going to be honest's been busy for the past few weeks. My blog has suffered for true writing effort lately; however, there's a great reason.

I'll tell you later.

I've been so busy that I have only taken out my camera once this week, and that was for a shoot - not for fun. I missed the Weekly Kodachrome last week as well. Instead of forgoing it altogether, I thumbed through a few shots and saw this one. This was taken about two years ago when Arlene was taken ill. I remember jumping in my car - just needing to get away - and taking roads I'd never before traveled. I wasn't concerned about getting lost, because I didn't care.

I remember getting out of my car and standing on a long stretch of highway and watching the sun set. There was an ant hill nearby because I remember them crawling up my legs when I stood in one place too long.

The sun was just finishing it's day and melting the skyline.

As I watched it, I thought about endings - and beginnings which were one day sure to be. I thought about dreams I've had...and seemingly set on the back burner for another lifetime. Yet, later never seems to arrive and we set our aspirations on that dusty shelf time and time again.

Oh, I'm much too busy, we say.

And we are. But if it's really important to us, shouldn't we put in a little more effort?

In a week or two I'll probably let you in on what has been keeping me busy, but until then...follow your dreams, even if you're afraid that you might be wandering unfamiliar roads.

If the journey were worth starting, then it's probably worth finishing as well.

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Rachel said...

I'm thinkin....... you're making sandwhiches!!!!! Don't forget the tomatoes!

Rachel said...

I totally spelled sandwiches wrong...... :) Oh well. It will give you and Gerb something to take a photo of and point out. :D

Richard & Natalie said...

Your last line took the words right out from under my fingertips.
It will be worth it. And, sometimes unknown roads take us to very wonderful places. We just have to have courage to take the first step. Proud of you, TF.

mCat said...

Hey you! Can't wait to hear what's been taking your time - it has to be good, you deserve so much!

I like the new Joey headers. Especially the one where he is little blurred.....

But then again, you always do such good work~!


4 Lettre Words said...

Definitely full of emotion.

Anonymous said...

You journey is ours... I'm glad you want to share it.

wendy said...

Took me a little while to go back and read all those posts about Arlene. But SOooooo worth it.
I really could FEEL so much of what you wrote.
and YOU write so beautifully.
I was even crying.....why?
I don't know YOU or your family.
But it is the human experience we all have with each other.
Especailly at times of loss, when we, those who have lost someone, really (in my opinion) can know that gut feeling of pain and loss.
I LOVED how your father had her nails done for her. How tender is that.
I like to just get on a road and drive too...doesn't matter where actually. I just want to GO....
somewhere where I can be alone with MY thoughts and feelings.
It is theraputic for me.
Cause I CRY AND CRY outloud and it doesn't matter. No one to hear.
And I WANT to cry out loud.
then, I can come back for a bit, a little calmer,and hopefully a little more day at a time.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE...can't wait to hear what has been keeping you busy!!!!!! Is that fair of you, to keep us "hanging"

Nancy said...

Great selfie -- sorry it involved a sad time for you.

I think we are all way busy this time of year. Life comes first, blog second... :)

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