Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Eventful Weekend

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This has been an eventful weekend. I say “eventful” in regards to not a lot of physical actions going on the outside of me, however, on the microscopic levels I was literally teeming with hordes of activity…in other words, I was sick.

It all started out on Friday morning with a migraine…migraines in the morning are not what I recommend to anyone, as it starts off the day terribly! With the help of a little Excedrin and a hot shower I was able to get it to leave, but that was nothing compared to what was coming up. As the day wore to evening I started to feel—in the words of Matchbox 20—Unwell.

Not knowing what lay in store for when I woke up on Saturday morning I went to bed that night with plans to go to Park City with a friend of mine. Well, when I arose at 6:30 I started to get ready but knew, knew mind you, that there was no way that I would be going anywhere. Though my will said yes, my body more wisely said, “There ain’t no way you’re going anyplace!” I am glad that I listed to my body because it turned out that I had some type of flu that was complete with everything that goes along with it—I will spare the graphic details (as most everyone has experienced this horrific event in their life at some time or another, and details are probably not entirely necessary).

All of Saturday was spent indoors, in bed, under blankets, and being exceeding bored. I did manage to watch about 5 episodes of “The X Files” my sister had lent me so it made it somewhat more bearable, though even television gets old after a few hours and one just wants to be up and out. I have had friends tell me before that they actually enjoy the downtime they get when they are sick…just being able to lie there for hours on end and sleep. Not me…I was ready to be up and out, however, my body once-again more wisely warned against going out in public. I was grateful for night to come and for sleep to overtake me—still feeling terrible.

This morning I was up and looking out at the gray, cloudy, dreary Sunday and I felt a little bit better. Still had stomach pains, but it was better than Saturday. I managed to get up and as I did I was listening to a CD, a song by Peter Breinolt came on, “Say I Will.” As I listened to this song I started to think about my brother, Yancy, who is in New York. I just started to miss him. How we don’t appreciate those around us until they are gone…I just have to add to this post that I really do miss my brother. It is strange to think that he’s been gone for three months. Time moves steadily onward, doesn’t it?


annette said...

Next time you happen to be down, instead of x-files, try Star Trek, Deep Space 9. I still can't believe you haven't seen it, and it's my fav., after Next Gen. (I sound like such a geek, hu?). I'm glad you're feeling better. Being sick is really a drag. I like a bit of down time, not down and out time. Not when it feels like I've been punched in the stomach! Missing your brother? I hear you. A sibling is someone you can connect to like no other. You have things in common with them like no one else, genes, sense of humor, memories, and you can usually count on the plain truth from their lips as well (whether you want to hear it or not!). Yep. I have just one bro.(sigh) and I miss him too.

Teachinfourth said...

DS9 eh? I don't have access to any of those episodes as of the present, and right now I have about 6 more seasons of X-Files to finish too...

As for my brother...yeah, I do miss him a lot. I am glad that he may be coming here for Thanksgiving so at least he, my older sister, and I will be able to spend it together again.

Gerb said...

I hope you're watching the older seasons of X-Files, when Mulder (sp?) was still on. We loved that show until he left.

Glad you waited to get back to school...we don't want any kids coming home sick!!

Yancy said...

"He's my brotha."

Just read your post and interesting enough, only an hour ago I read an email from a friend and got this overwhelming feeling of missing people from high school.

It was good hearing your voice last week even if it was only for a second on the phone and you weren't feeling well.

I hope you're doing better now.
Sure do love ya!

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