Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sundays and Sundance

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What is it about being at Sundance here in Provo Canyon that makes such a big difference for me? I think that it comes from being tucked away in the mountains surrounded by the majestically towering pines, the wind blowing through their lofty branches, and the veritable orchestra of sound as the river courses its way past me. Throw in the sound of the leafy aspens, just starting to show distinct signs of fall, kissed with reds and yellows, and you’ve got yourself off to a good start.

I love the smells up here too…those fresh, invigorating scents which make me remember old songs on the radio and cherished memories. I drink in these smells and greet them like some of my oldest and dearest friends.

Sunday afternoon…what a perfect time to find a place of solace! You can also imagine my surprise when I decided to write for a few minutes up here at the theatre at Sundance, opened my laptop, turned on a few Nickel Creek tunes, and then discovered that they had free wireless Internet. Ah, what a great extra bonus to an already glorious day!

It wasn’t long before a few friends contact me on IM and I began to wonder…do they have any idea of where I am right now? I also wondered just how jealous they may be if they only knew…

Oh, and by the way, Lindsay Lohan is up here too though I haven't seen her...after all, she is in rehab.


Miya said...

Wireless is awesome. It's amazing the places you can get the park, at the laundromat, in and bathroom, stealing wireless from your neighbors while up a tree in the backyard...the possibilities are endless!

Gerb said...

Beautiful pictures.

(minus Lindsey Lohan)

annette said...

Ahhh, such beautiful language. You do have a gift for words. I think my favorite phrase is, "those fresh, invigorating scents which make me remember old songs on the radio and cherished memories." It takes me back to fall in Tennessee. (Sigh.) I do miss the fall. What a delightful way to spend a Sunday!

Teachinfourth said...


Yeah, I love is amazing to me that we can find it just about anywhere!


Thanks. However, that is also a good photo of Lindsay Lohan (well, the least "revealing" anyhow).


Isn't it amazing just how fabulous the colors of Autumn can really be? I would have to say that this is my absolute favorite time of the year. I have never been to Tennessee, however, I love Amy Grant's "Tennessee Christmas" album.

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