Sunday, November 25, 2007

20 Questions

Pin It This was something I chose to do rather than the you've-been-tagged-and-now-you-need-to-share-deep-and-dark-
secrets-about-yourself-for-the-whole-world-to-see thing. This is actually something that my sisters have done and it basically requires you to find an answer to the question on a photo search...Google Images, Dogpile, whatever you want. You pick an image off of the first screen of image hits and replace your answer with the photo. As you will see, some of these make absolutely no sense with the real answer.

My age on my next birthday:

A place I'd like to visit:

My favorite place:

My favorite object/thing:

My favorite food:

My favorite animal:

A color I particularly like:

The town were I was born:

The town where I currently live:

My favorite pet's name:

The name of a past girlfriend:

My nickname (or screen name):

My first name:

My middle name:

My last name:

A bad habit I have:

My first job (that I can remember):

My grandmother's name:

The degree I have right now:

My secret ambition/dream:

Well, that's it.


annette said...

Very creative! I like it.

Well, I got 9 of them right off the bat. Looks like I'm going to have to do some homework to get the rest.

Teachinfourth said...

Good luck finding them all! ;)

Gerb said...

My 2 favorite comments from my kids who saw this:

"Did you know his middle name was Waterfall?"


"His grandma's name is Robot Pouch"?

Never a dull moment here.

Teachinfourth said...


Just trying to keep you all on your toes. Funny thing, my grandma's name...isn't it?

Summer Lord said...

Well, that settles that...I'll never find out the deeper answers to who you are, because I don't have the creative energy to piece together the answers! I'm very impressed with the time and energy put into this - I think I might have been able to guess at a few, but I don't have much confidence that my answers are even close to the real deal.

*BaNaNa* said...

Wait, I don't get a lot of them. Well, I guess thats how I am.
Hey, I have a blog now!it's
It's pretty awsome.
-a previous student(aka annettes daughter)

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