Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's about time

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Well, I finally broke down and finally bought an iPod. I kept putting it off after my little "adventure" in losing my old Mp3 player...I guess I was hoping that I could find an inexpensive Mp3 player, however, nothing seemed to be quite as good of a deal as just breaking down and buying this little baby. Also, I have to admit, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you know you're carrying 26,000 songs in your arsenal wherever you go.

I did christen my new iPod with one of my favorite Nickel Creek songs, after all, you can never have too much Nickel Creek.


Miya said...

iPods are indeed expensive, but so worth it in terms of quality...

~cari~ said...

iPods are so cool. Jake worked all summer to buy his. You'll really enjoy it!

annette said...


So, are you taking this one on your next adventure?

Teachinfourth said...


Yeah, it was a bit pricey but it is now a done deal. It feels nice to have music again...I had to take my diskman with me for awhile there...I felt like I were living back in the 80's. Well, maybe not the 80's as I would have had a "walkman" instead.


Sometimes the memory size on this thing really intimidates me...I don't know as if I could ever fill the thing, but it will be fun to try, you know?

I'm glad that Jake got one too. I'll bet he loves it.


I will probably take it, but I will be a little more careful in the future...know what I mean?

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