Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not home yet

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As I sit here this evening I find myself thoughtful…reflecting on my life and all of those things which have made it what it is today. There are times I have made mistakes, traveled down roads which I wish I’d never taken. There are also moments I have made, what I consider, grand contributions to the lives of others. As I consider these individual parts of my life which contribute to the sum, I find myself realizing that there is something more, something beyond the scope of this life and the trials and successes it affords us.

It is when I remember that the events and situations in this life are temporary that I have hope. It is this which helps me to carry on day to day. I do have a song I particularly like right now by Steven Curtis Chapman. It is my reminder that we are all still but travelers along this road known as life and we are truly “not home yet.”


annette said...

It's interesting that no two paths are alike. Each is custom designed to the one traveling upon it.

Gerb said...

Great song - thanks for sharing. Its message (and your post) remind me of a few times in my life when I have been homesick - not for any home here on earth, but for my heavenly home. It is overwhelming, really, but it helps me to re-evaluate my life and focus on what really matters.

Teachinfourth said...


Sometimes all of the rocks are not what we want, but it is what we asked for. Sometimes it would be great to have a 4x4, you know?


I think that we all are "homesick" sometimes. I think of those I love who've already gone and find myself missing them too.

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