Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Countdown - The Baker's Dozen

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Addendum: I originally didn't plan to let people vote on posts for the year, but instead was showing the 13 with the greatest amount of comments (from least to greatest). However, since a few people have asked, I have provided a poll at the end of this post so that you may vote for your favorite out of the 13 shown.

Writing countdown posts seems to be the craze right now. You know, the ‘greatest hits’ of the blogging year. Of course, I could just direct you to this page to find my personal favorites in just about any category; however, I think I will instead give a brief synopsis from a baker’s dozen of delicious posts, and a backlink these for your reading pleasure. You know...for all those of you who may have missed them the first time around...or who didn’t care about me back then and are far too lazy to go back all on your own.

Don’t worry, Teachinfourth is here to hold your hand and make it all better.

But Teachinfourth, how are you going to pick the top 13?

Well, you see, I’m not. I’m letting the readers pick them. I'm doing this by adding links to the 13 posts which have gotten the most comments over the past year. Of course, I won’t have backlinks to contests, photography posts or others which have an insane amount of messages left in their wake either. I probably also won’t link to Teacher Christmas Gifts, Fever for the Bieber, and The Crush. Though they were all popular, they also just ran a few weeks ago.

But Teachinfourth, what about your Joey posts? 

Don’t worry, I’ll do a ‘Joey countdown’ in a day or two…once again, based off of comments received.

These are in order of popularity (just know that on one or two of the posts I tried to ‘fix’ a while ago and accidentally deleted comments. Curse you, blogger!

By the way, each of the posts is linked to open in a new window/tab so that you don't need to use your 'back' button.

Yeah, you're welcome...

What if I Were a Woman?

Blog synopsis: Teachinfourth reflects on a few of the things he’d do if he were indeed a woman and teaching 1st grade. 4/2010

“A brilliant masterpiece of writing…two thumbs up.”
- Robert Ebart

The Message

Blog synopsis: What happens when a case of mistaken identity leads to a blind date, with another man? It’s a good thing people have good friends to rescue them in times of trouble. 6/2010

“Craig’s message was brilliant…to have a friend like this would be amazing.”
- Gene Shelit

The Prank

Blog synopsis: When 5th grade teacher, Teachinfourth, decides to pull a little April Fool’s Day joke on his class, he decides to record it and share it with the world. 6/2010

“A sheer stroke of genius! Teachinfourth has done it again!”
- Brian Regant

In Regard to Goats

Blog synopsis: As a young boy growing up in the heart of the Huckleberry Mountains, Teachinfourth shares just a few insights as to what it was like to have to milk goats every morning. 6/2010

“Frought with hilarity. I could read this stuff all day long.”
- George Cloonay

New Cars and Old Nightmares

Blog synopsis: We all have experienced the horrific experience of buying a new car. Enough said. 4/2010

“I laughed until I wet my pants...then I kept on laughing.”
- Leonardo Maltin

Bedtime Stories

Blog synopsis: The tale of an event faithfully continued for over 8 years; and it just gets better and better. 8/2010

“Bedtime Stories is a hit…I couldn’t have told it any better myself!”
- Adam Standler

The Keys to the Kingdom

Blog synopsis: When an unsuspecting teacher leaves his keys in a locked room, the result is a tale of his epic journey. 8/2010

“I’ve done this numerous times myself…but then again, I usually just get myself a new house if I lose mine!”
- Opruh

Somebody Loves You

Blog synopsis: One boy’s quest to make sure that his neighbor knows that somebody, indeed, does love him. 2/2010

“Is a wonderful tale what you want, readers? What do you want? You want a great post? Just click the link and you’ll find it. That’s a pretty good idea. I’ll give you all this wonderful post.”
- James Steewart

The Original Twilight

Blog synopsis: Dick and Jane…and vampires? 8/2010

“It gave me shivers when I read it, and made me feel all sparkly on the outside…”
- Robert Patterson

An Photoessay - A Day in Pictures

Blog synopsis: No words are necessary when a photo is worth a thousand words. Be prepared to be deluged in visual storytelling… 6/2010

“A feast for the eyes…”
- Anseel Adams

A Day in Photos - First Days & Getting Ready

Blog synopsis: The work of a teacher is never done; this is a fine pictorial essay of one of those days. 8/2010

“Music for the mind and heart... “
- Rachael Rey

Where I Draw the Line

Blog synopsis: When one man decides he can’t go any further and finally draws the line…with a can of spray paint. 9/2010

“Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.”
- Thom Cruise

Home Visits

Blog synopsis: The experience of a 5th grade teacher, as he heads out to visit the homes of his students before school on a blistering, hot day in August.

“Kind of embarrassing, really. But I guess it could have been a lot worse…”

- Joey

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Stef said...

Love love love them!!

Kristina P. said...

Wow! Congrats on getting a recommendation from Opruh!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Ok, I'm going to read the ones I missed in my "office" soon. But right now I have to say your reviewers and their comments are pretty flever (that's funny AND clever all rolled in one).

Joan said...

Ok, where do I vote? =)

You know, Cheeseboy made it easy and actually has a "ballot" on page. ;)

Cheeseboy said...

I had not read the message one. It is truly funny Mr. Eye Candy.

I love the Home Visits one too. And the What if I was a Woman - considering I am probably one of 3 first grade male teachers.

But my favorite #1 is "The Prank". It involved so much thought and planning and watching those kids freak was maybe my #1 read post of the year on any blog.

So my vote goes to The Prank

Marnie said...

So many good ones, it's hard to choose. However Prank was really GOOD :0D

I hope you have a happy,healthy and amazing 2011!

Oilfield Trash said...

Those are some great posts.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Your photos as well are your posts are a hard pick to do... How the heck can u handle being so creative and talented in your writing and camera??? :-)

Mamma has spoken said...

Sorry too hard to pick just one and I am still laughing at the Justin what's his name poster....

T said...

thanks - I'm getting the best blog reading of the year this week with everyone's "year in review" posts : )

and your celebrity endorsements are awesome!

Connie said...

Like your photos, it's hard to choose just one. But I'm going to head on up to the voting booth and vote for the prank. That was awesome!

Amy said...

I loved the home visit one the best since that's what I use to do all the time when I was a Head Start teacher. So very funny!

Happy New Year!

Nuttley said...

I voted on my mom's computer so now I can vote on my own when I get home ;) Just kidding. I'm going to let the oldest have the pleasure of that.

Today's Gift said...

"Where I Draw the Line" and "The Prank" are my two favorites. I can't pick just one! Love all the endorsements too. You're a popular guy. ;)

I got the Christmas picture today and it's wonderful! The comic pretty much made my day!

wendy said...

Well, since I am a NEW follower to your blog, I haven't read all those. But I am now convinced that it is a good thing I am here as anyone who can compose a list of his BEST posts of the year must be
a) suppah funny
b) a teacher cause they like to do that kinda stuf (tee,hee)
c) very intelligent
d) a humanitarian...or just plain human

next year I'll be ready for the whole VOTE thing

wendy said...

Well, since I am a NEW follower to your blog, I haven't read all those. But I am now convinced that it is a good thing I am here as anyone who can compose a list of his BEST posts of the year must be
a) suppah funny
b) a teacher cause they like to do that kinda stuf (tee,hee)
c) very intelligent
d) a humanitarian...or just plain human

next year I'll be ready for the whole VOTE thing

Karen Peterson said...

Since I just started reading your blog, uh, yesterday, this was a really fun way to get to know you.

Ms Bibi said...

I've been waiting for Opruh to come and read my posts. I keep begging and sending gifts, but nothing. What's your secret?

Love the countdown.

Mr. Hughes said...

Being New to the world of Joey has made this hard and I don't think I can pick a favorite this year! I look forward to many Joey moments in 2011. Thanks for the laughter- as teachers we ALL need more of that in our day!

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