Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday - Various and Sundry

Pin It It’s so strange, the feeling that a song can evoke. The memories it brings back of days passed.

It’s funny that I sit here working and a Christopher Cross song, “Sailing,” came on my random list of music via iTunes. As the opening sound of violins reverberated through the speakers, I was transported back into a far simpler time in my life.

It was a nice escape from all of the things currently vaulting about me, the tasks screaming to be completed, bills waiting to be paid as they sit surreptitiously on the counter, and upcoming preparations of my trip to visit my brother.

Always a day late and a dollar short as my dad would say.

I guess I should let you know that I’ve created a new button and added to the Blog Bling page; I probably should have told you about it a month or two ago when I created it, but I didn't.

Also, I should tell you about the old buttons that are still available if someone wanted to be the proud owner of a link.

I should also let you know that Joey still has two choices available.

I should admit that I discontinued a few of the buttons along the way (unless you got any of them back in the day...then they would still work).

I should undoubtedly let you know that I created and added a - well, whatever it's called - that allows you to be able to scan and then follow the Adventures via your mobile device.

Of course, I'm not sure if it actually works or not. I suppose I'll just wait until someone who uses it reports back to me.

As I think of heading off to New York tonight at midnight, I realize that shared little to no photos from my last trip so I'll tell you what, during my next 'cleaning and packing break,' I will make up for this slight oversight.


Sierra said...

button swap?

Rachel said...

Looking forward to your photos and hearing about this adventure. Hopefully it isn't too adventurous and you are able to kick back, relax, and reboot. See ya when you get back.

Mindy said...

Wow! You have been really busy today! (Amidst all the cleaning and packing and all...)

Hadn't listened to "Sailing" in a LONG time, thanks for the reminder. Darn those tasks, bills, and other myriad things swirling around. It's nice every once in awhile to escape, if only for a moment.

By the way, your QR code works. You go, Mr. Techno man! I'm impressed. :-)

Teachinfourth said...

S - I unfortunately don't do button swaps as I have students from past years, parents, and even a few students from this year who know where my blog is and come to it. I chose not to have buttons from other pages simply because I never know what other bloggers are going to post and - as a teacher - I try to be careful.

Thanks for the offer though, I do appreciate it.

R - The adventures I'm hoping for are those that offer the opportunity to do just as you said.

M - Thanks for the info on the I'm a hero - well, you are too for letting me know it does work.

Karen Peterson said...

Love the new buttons.

Have a great trip!

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