Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Kodachrome - Raised Platforms

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I sat on the sky train from the airport, riding over the tops of countless houses where people still lingered in a sleepy haze; an entire populace living out lives and stories…yet unaware that I was passing above them in the coral morning light.

The words of a Peter Breinholt song about people living slowly came to mind as I moved—a stealthy morning traveler—above them.

Down in the streets below
There are people moving slowly
Like the king of marigold
Find your way to Jericho
Like a boat upon the shore
Like the stranger at your door
Like the roses at your feet
Like the matador's defeat
Like a long and winding road
Like a river flowing
We'll go down to that ancient
Down by the road, by the trees
By the ocean
And there pretend that you're all my friends
Even though I don't really know you
So bless your soul
Go out there may somebody find you

Of course, there was probably nobody in this area who had even heard of Peter Breinholt…just like none of them had ever heard of me.

In a few minutes I exited the sky train and bought a ticket for the Long Island Railroad, but then—caught up in my own thoughts—carelessly boarded the wrong train…I soon found myself bound for the heart of New York instead of the cozy boroughs of Queens. I watched as my station passed by in a ruddy blur and fade into the distance; as the morning light intensified, it changed from deep pinks to azure and the first rays of sunlight broke over the horizon, coating everything with an orange cast.

I switched trains, passing by the decrepit, tagged buildings—telltale markers left behind by those since never known and forgotten. I longed to exit the railroad car then and there and start madly shooting away; however, this was to be impossible as the train would not stop anywhere near these locations.

Finally Woodside crossing again met my eyes, and I exited the train. As I walked along the raised platform, I observed the crisscross of shadows of a nearby fence adorning the concrete before me.

My first image in New York is to become this week’s Kodachrome.

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Karen Peterson said...

I love passing through sleepy cities early in the morning. Even unpleasant neighborhoods are beautiful when the world slumbers.

Dina Lettre said...

Cool song...and shot!

Connie said...

Your photos are amazing! Love your NYC visit.

Life with Kaishon said...

WOW! I absolutely love that picture. Can't wait to hear about your NYC tales. We were so close to each other.

Susan said...

What a neat picture!!

likeschocolate said...

Great shot!

momto8 said...

an interesting perspective...and a lovely picture!!
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Kel said...

Love the lines and contrast. Nicely captured.

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