Sunday, December 13, 2009

Indulge Me – Just an Evening of Random Thoughts

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December 11, 2009 - 9:14 P.M.

It’s been a long week.

But I loved it anyhow. Despite the frustrations and everything which comes from my chosen line of work.

Tonight I made my way home to a house which was cold and empty; however, it was light out still. A Subdued glow came from my kitchen, and outside countless neighbors sledded down the hills on toboggans and hurled snowballs.

I ignited the lights on the tree, and started to play some instrumental Christmas music. The candles were lit, and I turned up the thermostat. Soon the house became a warm, festooned place where I found myself drawing up my laptop and composing my thoughts.

What is it about these simple comforts of home which bring such peace and security?

While the cold rages outside, I find myself thinking of the countless blessings I’ve come to enjoy in my life. Granted—not all of them have been wonderful; however, they’ve been blessings all the same.

When I arrived at work this morning, my classroom was a dark and cold place as well. I ignited the varied lamps I’d brought, as well as the four-foot artificial tree flocked with snow and ashen lights. As I turned on that instrumental Christmas music, my classroom came to life. I was thinking that before I arrived, it was just a cold, hollow place—I thought of those cozy bookstores, or small shops we love to go to, and how that first person enters into that cold, lifeless place…and from there, it suddenly comes to life—somebody has to be the first.

By the time my students had arrived, it was warm—the cold edge was gone, and it felt like home. The light and feeling therein was welcoming. It was ready.

I had a Christmas earlier this year—I’d called it, “Christmas in September.” I said I’d post photos…or nearly enough. I didn’t. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t take any…only that I didn’t post any.

It’s amazing to me how the little things can escape from us, and we suddenly find ourselves running ragged and trying to catch up on all of our varied good intentions. Seems that there is always something more waiting in the wings for our attention to which we continually put off.

I had Peeps. They were frosted Christmas figures. They were from last year. I challenged my friend’s son, “Joey” to eat them. I’d even bribed him with a buck or two. I then told him I’d race him…

The Peeps were awful. The frosting had hardened. The marshmallow was crystallized sugar. The frosting cut into my gums and tasted like sweetened chalk.

I hate Peeps.

There is hamburger in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator waiting to be made into spaghetti sauce with basil and oregano. The Mint Bites on the kitchen counter are waiting to be consumed. Good friends will be here before I know it. But tonight I just wanted to speak out into that great space.


I cannot say, really. Only that tonight is going to be a great night. But only because I choose to make it so.


Gerb said...

Love the pictures. They do say a thousand words, don't they?

mamahasspoken said...

I hate Peeps too....

Amy said...

I like your last line, it reminded me of what the Sam's Club lady said to me last week..."Choose to be happy. That's what I always say." I must have looked grumpy while in line waiting for her to sign my receipt to say I am walking out with four items. But how true...huh!

Teachinfourth said...

G - That's what I love about photos; they say all those things that the words left out.

B - I heard that they can be used as Brillo pads.

A - It is all about our attitudes, isn't it?

Rachel said...

Peeps. UGH! Peeps into your house....UGH! Now I'm really embarassed that you saw mine.....

Fun being able to take a peep into your 'window'.

When my sister and I end our conversations on the phone she always says, "make it a great day"!

Richard & Natalie said...

Love the pics esp. the one of "Joey" eating the Peep. Peeps are great, just not when they are a year old!

Yancy said...

@ Richard & Natalie
Peeps are the farthest thing from "great" as you can get.

the older guy in the background of one of the upper left pictures totally looks like John Locke.

L said...

When I read this post last night from the confines of John Wayne Airport a small child was singing Christmas songs and I was longing to be home. Ironic since that is what your post made me long for as well.

Slash I think Peeps are the most disgusting thing every created. My roommate at U of U for two years, her mother used to send us care packages of them every holiday. I used to make Peep trails leading to odd places throughout our floor, such as our RA's toilet. Figured it was the closest thing to a duck pond they were ever going to get. Google Peep Wars for a good laugh.

Farscaper said...

I love the life that people give to a room/building. I have a church calling that has me in the church building all alone once a month. I try hard to not think of the emptiness around me and concentrate on the copy machine humming away. That building feels so lonely when it's empty.

Corine said...

Hi. :D - I'm back in the blogging world, just tonight, just a little... :) So I stopped by.

I have to say, your house is gorgeous! And you really know how to be a good host. I'm impressed. You even have candles! ;D

I love the way you depict the changes a home or dwelling goes through, from the simple little things one person can do to change an environment. Those little tiny things make all the difference, don't they? Lights. Music. Smiles. Cleanliness. A good attitude. ;D
I love them all!

Thanks for the reminder to keep doing a few simple things to create a pleasant atmosphere. I have been working on this, and now I really desire to continue. You are an amazing light and person!

And, thank you for reminding me of another thing... Maybe it is just that I have Christmas on the brain, but this reminds me of Christ - of the way He lights up our lives in such an amazing and beautiful way! Being with Him leaves me feeling so nourished... so fed... so happy... so warm!

PS. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas season! :D Thanks for sharing.

Richard & Natalie said...

Peeps may not be the most gourmet delicacy around, but the instant transportation back to the Easter mornings of my childhood makes up for the lack of sophisticated taste. It is the 'experience' of Peeps that is great- not necessarily the taste.
There, I clarified myself...

Unknown said...

I just want to say, first of all, that I love the word "toboggan." There, that's out of the way.

Now that that's done--I hate that all of those pesky details get in the way of other stuff...stuff that we want to do, and mean to do, and fully intend to do with all the depth that's in us...but then we just get wrapped up in everyday Stuff and somehow they get pushed aside. Great job reminding me about all of my details and stuff. I feel lame, and will do better in the future. ;)

I hate Peeps, too, for the record.
And the photos are excellent, as ever.

Teachinfourth said...

R - Hakuna Matata...glimpses into others' worlds is what makes them interesting.

N - Yeah, they were pretty nasty.

Y - Oh, didn't I mention that the cast from 'LOST' attended as well?

L - I'll have to Google the wars just to see what it is. Hope you made it home okay.

FS - Isn't it amazing just what people can do to a place?

C - Glad to see you back, even if it is only temporary. Glad you liked the shots...Christmas decorations always makes a house feel more like a home.

L - Isn't that just a fun word?

I need to remind myself all the time that life is full of things I won't get around to for awhile. For some reason, writing about them can be a big help.

Just SO said...

Peeps are awesome when they are roasted.

I'm sure you had a wonderful night.

Teachinfourth said...

S - You're kidding, right? Sugary, Crystalized, nasty, marshmallowy grossness?

If I ever get Peeps again, you can have them all.

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