Monday, April 28, 2008

When a site dies

Pin It Webpages have been around for years now. It’s hard to imagine our lives without our favorites…some of these are pages are sites like: YouTube, Making Fiends, absolutely amazing photography sites, or even Blogger. Many of these have become cherished friends—or archenemies—dependant upon the amounts of time we spend in their presence.

I have a web friend.

I’ve blogged about my friend before. That was the time it was taken from the web and looked something like this:

I’ve had my site for two years now…two long years. It’s come a long way too. There have been a few different versions, and these have all been works in progress. However, today I had a student come to me and say, “Mr. Z, the website doesn’t work anymore and I really needed it this weekend.”

It doesn’t work?

After a bit of investigative research I came to discover that my site, classroomofchaos, had finally run its course and expired. Removed from the web, it was joining many of it’s kind in website heaven—or in…well, never mind.

I thought about renewing the site and I even made a call to the company running the server. Excuse me? How much was that going to be? On second thought, perhaps it would be better to simply let it go, and save my pocketbook a three-digit sum (not including the decimal).

I sat at my computer several times at work today and hit the “home” button. It took me to a page to which I was unfamiliar. A page without my helpful links and fun banners (which, consequently, was much more fun previous to the site’s overhaul…however, that would be a blog for another day).

Site thenner:

Site then:

Site now:

I tried to remember the sites contained on my website.

Curses! There were far too many links I had bookmarked on it…but that much? Was it even worth it?

I would think about it.

Well, did I really need a website? After a lot of the most recent changes were made it became only half the site it once was. Did anyone ever use the thing anyway? When was the last time I’d updated the thing anyhow? Besides, what kind of name is Classroom of Chaos in any case?

I shut down the computer.

I told myself that being webless was a blessing. No longer would updating the thing play a part in my timelife!

I was free.

Or so I was…before a three-digit sum.


The Scotts said...

Sadness! :( I, too, have my standard sites I visit daily, and I don't know what I would do without them.

Kris said...

Yeah went to your Photo website and it sent me into ...I don't know where. Hey I was reading some of your old blogs. One about Grizzly. I have some pictures with him and Josh. Josh was just a six month old and Griz was chewing on a bone and Josh is eating grass. One of them I think Josh was trying to help Griz chew on the bone! That dog was a gentle soul!

Teachinfourth said...

J&J - So you understand why I had to put mine back...

Kris - I'd love to see them sometime. I really miss that dog...

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