Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pin It Hundred.





It’s strange for me to think that on August 8th I hit my two year mark as a blogger; and it is today, with this posting, that I hit my five hundredth.

Granted, most of you probably weren’t here at the birth of this little blog, nor probably have gone back to read over these past entries once you did start, after all—who really does something like that?

Can I share a secret with you? I usually don’t—that is, unless the person is riveting and has captured my attention. In which case, I always nearly do find myself browsing the archives and enjoying the posts I’d not had the opportunity to read, back when the blog had first begun.

In honor of these three magical aforementioned numbers, I’ve decided to repost fifteen of my personal favorite blog entries from the past 5 hundred – since August 8th – all the way back to 2 years ago.

One or two per day.

Is this cheating? Is this a way of getting out of blogging about what is going on in the here and now?


However, you do need to know that I thought about choosing five entries for every hundred that I posted, which would have been 25 altogether…yeah, totally cheating, I know…but I’m having such a hard time in trying to narrow this down to only fifteen; there were be so many of them that get left out in the cold—such a fickle friend I am.

I did want to let you know of another venture currently in the works I’ve undertaken with a few close friends, this particular little project will probably be mentioned here on Tuesday of next week…However, in the meantime, I’d like to ask that you come and revisit a few of my favorite posts over the next week or so, with perhaps a few new updates scattered in and amongst them.

So, for all of you who don’t read back…


Rich said...

Sounds like a interesting idea what were the top adventures and highlight over the past years. I can think of a few..."to the north west dirty dishes!" Or milk chugs and cookies :-).

Susie-Q said...

When I first started catching up on your blog, I went through a bunch of your posts. I got to the one about our family photo shoot and of course began to tear up. The pictures that you took are the last family pics that I have with all of my kids. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking those gorgeous pictures for us. We have a bunch framed and up around the house. Thank you for capturing those memories for us!

SO said...

Yay! I would love to go back and read the older posts but have a hard time finding time to read new ones!

Teachinfourth said...

R - It's a little bit funny...I just watched that movie about a month ago; it still made me laugh.

S - I wish that Toby had been feeling a bit better so we could have taken a few more that day. I feel honored that I was able to take them.

S - I am the same way sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I am loving reading these older posts. I never really make time to do that, except for a few random ones here and there. Great idea! And happy blogging birthday!

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