Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Friends = Good Choices

Pin It I am usually a pretty early riser. However, I like to retire early as well. People will often poke fun for my retreating to bed at such an early hour while the rest of the ‘party’ stays up late into the night.

This past weekend, I journeyed southward to stay at a friend’s parent’s timeshare and enjoy a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Since the three of us were staying in a three room timeshare, we each were blessed with private rooms. That first night the clock made its way to 9:30 and I made the announcement that I would be going to bed for the evening. As I stood, I could hear whisperedly-made clandestine plans to sabotage me in the middle of the night.

As I made ready to leave the room, I turned and made one final statement, “By the way…you’re more than welcome to wake me up tonight if you’d like; you can beat on the door, run into the room screaming, or to do whatever you want…but just realize this; whatever you do to me tonight, I will do the exact same thing to you tomorrow morning. Something else you need to realize is that I usually get up somewhere around 5:45 and I will get even the moment I wake up.”

I paused in the doorway to my room and smiled as wide as the Cheshire Cat. “Make good choices.”

I slept well the whole night.

I am so thankful that the people I choose to associate with possess superior decision-making skills.

Side note:

However, let’s just say—hypothetically—that somebody had done something which would have required my ‘getting even’ the next morning; it seems interesting to me that so often people find it fun to pull pranks on others, yet, when the tables are turned, they don’t think that it’s quite so much fun. I have a feeling that if I had had to strike back, it would have been me that would have been considered as ‘the jerk.’

Just out of curiosity, what do you think? Please take a moment to complete the poll below.


Rachel said...

Oh I am soooo with ya on this post! I love a good prank. I like giving them and I like getting them. As long as they aren't malicious (sp?) and mean. I don't go for that but I love relationships where dishing out can be received as well as taking. I have a few sisters who are great pranksters and I'll be honest. Half of the fun is waiting to see what they'll come up with to "get me back".

I'm also with ya on the early to bed and early to rise excepting all of that has come crashing down on me (NOT FAIR) now that teenagers have entered the picture. They burn the midnight oil doing their homework and then want to talk and OY! I miss my early nights and early up before the sun mornings! Too much homework going on in this house if you ask me!!! :D

OH I sit here in my chair giggling with glee thinking of the last prank that was played. I'm sorry but I wouldn't have fallen for your big ol' Chesshire cat face. That would have egged me on!

Meg said...

I voted yes but I kind of wanted to vote no just because I really like the word jerk-face. Its cute.

Lars said...

I am disappointed all it took was a Cheshire grin to shut them down. That would have fueled my fire right on up. Thankfully I am a late to bed early to rise. Much earlier than you, so I may have been safe. If not I would have enjoyed the game very much so. I do live for a good prank. Even better is when they can be volleyed back and forth.

Corine said...

Hi! I too am an early to bed, early to rise person (preferably9:30 or 10-5:00 or 5:30, give or take a little - sometimes I even wake up at 4:00 and can't get back to sleep!)... but on an outing with friends??? NO WAY! How ever did you do it?

As far as pranks go... I've always loved a good harmless prank! :D

Ben and I once TP'd the yard of a guy I was dating. He freaked. I'll never forget him telling me like I was a 2 yr old "Corine, I'm really disappointed in you!" That's when I asked myself, "why are you dating this guy?" In my book... FRIENDS CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING! :D I just don't understand anger or revenge.

I'm glad you got the sleep you needed though... Experience tells me the next day was probably much better then it would have been had you stayed up all night. ;D

A Lark said...

Thought you knew your friends better than that...

Richard & Natalie said...

I am thinking they must have experienced the wrath of your retaliation before if they were shut down by a Cheshire grin. It would take more than that for me to back down.

I am with you about the early rising- there is just something about the solitude of morning. But having married a night owl, I am finding good things in staying up later sometimes too. Like tonight, the good is- he's coming home!

Ashley said...

I only voted no because I like that you used jerk-face in the option. :)

My real vote would be yes, it's all justified. If you're willing to dish out a prank then you had better be willing to get one back in return. I feel like waiting to see how the other party invovled retaliates is almost more fun than planning and pulling the actual prank.

Farscaper said...

He he... I was just telling hubby and a friend of his about pranks others and myself use to play on friends who fell asleep before us (at sleep overs). We usually got away with most of it.

I'm bummed that nothing slightly sinister happened. I would have loved to hear your retaliation.

I'm a night owl... hubby likes mornings better. Needless to say.. our schedules don't mesh well.

Mamma has spoken said...

I live in a house full of young men, pranks are the norm here. However I've pulled a few good ones on them too. I think you're thinking is right on. Don't play if you can't take it in return.

tiburon said...

You TOTALLY would have been justified. And I TOTALLY would have done the same thing.

Come from a fellow early riser ;)

Linn said...

Okay, seriously I know this is not the point of the post, but do you really go to bed at 9:30 most every night? I truly think that is fabulous! I honestly felt jealous as I read this post. Some things have happened recently in my life (health problems) and I know I need to start getting to bed earlier. But I'm really not sure how to make it happen. Isn't that ridiculous? I think you stand up, walk upstairs to bed and go to bed. Is it more complicated than that? What is wrong with me? Actually on second thought, don't answer that.

PS. Your little challenge would have egged me on. What is it about my rebellious soul? Seriously.

Sarah said...

Retaliation is completely justified!

Gerb said...

You offered up a challenge and they DIDN'T call you on it? Wow. Maybe your 2 friends are the 2 who voted for the 'jerk-face' option...

I think it is amazing that you can get yourself to bed early and up early. I find that nighttime is when I am most productive, although I wish I could be an 'early-to-bed, early-to-rise' kind of person.

PMC said...

i don't typically do the prank thing so it isn't my favorite to get pranked...is makes me cranky. but so does staying up late. it is fun when you marry a night owl...i just bought a sleep mask that says "Shhhhhhh!!!!" on it yesterday as a joke to my husband....I was going to slap that thing on my face as soon as he said, "hon - talk to me a while:)" at 10:30 at night as he clicks the light on....i will turn to him and he will see "Shhhhh!!!" written across blue satin!

SO said...

We, well one half of we which isn't me, likes to go to bed early. In fact he gets made when calls come in past 9 p.m.

Oh and you totally would have been justified in getting even. Totally. If you can't take then don't dish it out, I say.

Teachinfourth said...

R - I'm with you in the 'dishing out' as well as being willing to 'take it' in return. Luckily for me, those I was with were late sleepers and the threat of being woken early was enough to quell the mischief which was in the works.

M - Sounds like you...I also enjoy "Punk-face, too." I use that one often with my class; the good thing about it is that it can be used as a term of affection, or when they're being terrible...

L - I'm glad that you weren't there then (audible sigh of relief).

C - It's pretty easy, really. All you need to do is say, "I'm going to bed," and then do it.

I know, amazing.

As for the TPing...I'd have probably been there with you on that.

J - I can only smile to that comment, Nells.

N - I tend to get a lot more done in the mornings, so it's a much better time for me. Glad that your 'other half' gets (or rather 'got' now) home.

A - Curses! I knew I should have used 'Punk-Face' instead!

FS - Sounds like your lives could be pretty good though when it comes to getting things accomplished around the house.

B - Amen!

T - Here's to us early birds who believe in 'early morning' retaliation.

L - Not every night, but usually no later than 10. 9:45 is my usual time.

As for your question, I won't answer; it is heaven though to go to sleep and get a full eight hours on the nights I fall right asleep. To wake up refreshed and ready to go is a great way to start the day...one can't help but be in a good mood.

S - You and I could be friends, I think.

G - There's a place for the 'late nighters' as well as the 'early risers' in this world, you know? I'm glad that there is for the both of us...

M - You'll have to let us know if it really works. I don't usually relish in the late night phone calls or talks either unless it's really important. In those cases, it's warranted and welcome as well.

S - I love the early to bed aspect...when you get up and so much of the world around you is still sleeping - it's simply fantastic. I've had some days where I've accomplished more than roommates I've had will do the entire day before they even get up.

tammy said...

I am ready for bed by 8:30 every night, but try and hold off until 9:30.

And yes, you would've been totally justified.

Teachinfourth said...

T - I enjoy those 'early to bed' nights. I get so much more done. I am also glad to hear that we are one the same page when it comes to the justification factor of revenge (if it had indeed been necessary).

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