Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Talk with Teachinfourth

Pin It Subject: The Par-tay.

Let’s have a conversation together, shall we? I feel that we have never really had the chance to just talk, you know? Sure, comments can be left behind in one’s passing wake, but these are telltale marks, much like instant messages read hours or days after the event has taken place. This is not the same as actually having a real conversation, is it?

I thought not.

So, here’s how it’s going to work…I’ve provided a script, and I’ve recorded a phone ‘conversation’ for you as well! I know what you’re probably thinking…Wow, technology has come so far, hasn’t it? You’re right, it has!

Whenever you’re ready, simply click the ‘play’ button below this message and then start your side of the script…be sure that you do your part well, okay? I’m forever telling my class to read with expression…what I’m asking you is to simply act like this is really real. In other words, have a conversation with me.

Don’t worry, it’ll make sense.

Now, you have a line after every one of mine…I’ll make it easy for you too, I start off with the word “Hello” after I pick up the phone, okay?

Ready, set, go!


Part YOU:

You: Hi, this is (insert name here), is this really you?

You: Well, you just sound different than I expected you would.

You: Exactly.

You: Teachinfourth, I’m bored…I've got nothing to do on Wednesday...

You: Unfortunately, no.

You: Wait, what did I just plan?

You: What? You mean that movie is returning to the theater after nearly fifteen years?

You: Well, how can I come?

You: Yeah

You: The password?

You: That’s it?

You: Well, should I bring something? You know, Halloween treats? Stuff like Cobweb Cookies or Harry Potter Punch?

You: What if nobody shows up at your little shindig?

You: How do I find your place, Teachinfourth?

You: Rock on, Halloween!

You: Can I tell you something, Teachinfourth?

You: Yeah, I want to tell you my deepest, darkest, secrets.

You: (You have approximately 15 seconds to share your deep secrets).

You: Well, yours IS my favorite blog, you know.

You: I wouldn’t lie about something like that.

You: Anything for you, Teachinfourth. You just name it.

You: You got it.

You: You, too.

You: (Ad lib here; you have approximately 12 seconds).

You: Catch you later, Teachinfourth, thanks for chatting

You: See ya.

You: Bye.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday…


Shirley said...

Oh man I am sorry to say I will not be able to attend the "Party!". I have classes that day and I realy don't think my professors will accept that as a reasonable excuse on not attending class for 4 days as it is a bit of a drive to get there for me. How ever if ya email me an addy I will see what I can do about sending some goodies that way. :)

shoezimm said...

I would love to come and whoop with up with Winnie and the gang but I have class that night. If it gets out early (which, in all honesty it should be over no later than 7:30) I'll pop in for the last half.

cari said...

Very creative! The Houghton's won't be able to attend but I hope it's a fun night! :)

MindyElias said...

This was like my own personal version of mad libs! (Not quite sure why but it was!) LOL

Okay, I want an address please :)


Gerb said...

A party in the underground theater?! Who can resist? Tickets for 2, please. See you Wednesday!

Gerb said...

P.S. Thanks for letting me get those deep, dark secrets off my chest. I feel much better now. ;)

Rachel said...

How does one get their 4 year old to circle you with a strange look on his face as he looks at you....then your computer....then you......then your computer....and finally asks, "mom who you talking to"?

Oh, and by the way, that deep and dark secret.....don't tell anyone okay?

I giggled through the entire dialogue. You should chat with us more often! :)

As for the par-tay.....address please. You've no idea what can of worms you've just opened!! Regrettably I will not be able to attend the party but.......

Meg said...

That was awesome, friend!

Sorry I can't come to your underground cinema. I happen to live about 2000 miles away!

K.J. said...

I loved the conversation we just had!
I won't be able to attend as my brother and his family are coming in from Arizona and I have to help my parents get the downstairs ready for them.
Thanks so much for the invite!
It sure sounds like loads of fun!

Mamma has spoken said...

Curses! Too bad Kentucky is just too far away to make it!!!! But I love the invite!

Denae said...

How did you know I was bored and had nothing to do on Wednesday? well, other than memorize the eye muscles and define endless amounts of medical terminology. And who doesn't want to do that.. right?

But since it IS Hocus Pocus (one of my favorites) I think I will break away from my most interesting studies and come and meet some new people and hopefully makes some new friends.

So that is a 1 for me and I also need the address :)

Teachinfourth said...

S - Shoot me an email at teachinfourth@yahoo and I'll get that to ya, okay? Treatage is always welcome...

S - Hope to see you.

C - Sorry to not have you in attendance; however, you are still liked.

ME - Glad you liked it. Shoot me an email at the address above and I'll get it to you, okay?

G - Two. Confirmed. See you on Wednesday. BTW, your secrets are TOTALLY safe with me...

R - Wait just a aren't planning on a TP party, are you? Maybe I won't get the email address to you after all...

M - Curses. We'll think about you and toast to your good health with Harry Potter Punch and Death Eater Cookies.

KJ - It was good to chat with you again, too. ;)

B - Perhaps next time; if I am ever in the way of Kentucky, I'll have to drop in on you.

D - Shoot me an email at the above address and (from comment one) and I'll get the address to you. Besides, who would not want to watch Hocus Pocus? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Meg said...

If you ever in KY you better be visiting me, too!

Corine said...

Darn! I so would love to go to your "big screen, underground cinema" (so... jealous!); but as you know... it just isn't commutable for an evening "par-tay." Eat some gummy worms for me (I love those!), take lots of photos, and have a ton of fun! :D

Oh, and... pleeeeease, keep my secret!!!! he he! :)

Teachinfourth said...

M - Youbetcha!

C - Your secret is safe...sorry you can't make it, but I totally understand the distance might be just a bit too great.

Richard & Natalie said...

What a clever invite.
Sorry, I won't be able to attend the showing. Someday... perhaps next year.

SO said...

Man. I love Hocus Pocus! But I will have to miss out. Wednesday night I will be at a yoga class. Sounds it will be a blast!

Enjoy though!

Lars said...

Such a funny post. I nearly choked on my soup while trying to stifle a laugh. Hope you enjoy Hocus Pocus, such a classic. A creative one you are Teachinfourth.

Farscaper said...

Would love to come... Only 5 little problems... None of them are old enough to watch the younger ones and the youngest is still attached to me every few hours.

Sounds like fun though. You can think of me though... I will be frantically trying to complete 3 halloween costumes that are still in progress.

Teachinfourth said...

N - That's cool. Undoubtedly, it will happen then, too.

S - Yogurt class is also important; we'll catch you another year...

L - Thanks for having the 'conversation' with me. It was a nice talk even though you did do it with food in your mouth at times.


FS - Hakuna Matata. You'll be with us in spirit though, right?

Lars said...

I know, I know how rude of me to talk with my mouth full. If you look at the time stamp you were really asleep during that time, so I don't feel too bad ;)

Glad we can maybe be friends since we share similar tastes in music. Just maybe :)

Rachel said...

I would never TP your house........

Julie said...

It was great to talk to you. I'm glad you know some of my greatest secrets, including the part about me telling you whether I would be there or not! :)

Teachinfourth said...

L - Maybe I was sleepcommenting...

R - But would you send the natives?

J - It's a good thing that was listening intently then, wasn't it? I also took copious notes.

Linn said...

That.was.awesome. Good grief, that was fabulous. I obviously won't be making it by tonight and unfortunately now, can't send a care package and have it be there on time. But hope you all have a fabulous time tonight!

Rachel said...

Are you kidding me? Send the Natives? I told you. I don't go for mean and malicious pranks!! :D

tiburon said...

Dangit! If I didn't have 4 kids I would totally be there. Soooo sad :(

Brenna said...

Your blog is too fun! Thanks for sharing your blogging talent. . .

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