Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments with Joey - Dreams & Nightmares

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. MORNING, CLASSROOM. The class is taking their seats before the tardy bell rings and announcements start. As the teacher begins to take attendance, a fifth grade boy approaches him and whispers quietly.

JOEY: I had a dream about you last night.

TEACHER: You realize that I don’t normally make home visits during the school year, don’t you?

[The boy grins].

JOEY: You were chasing me.


TEACHER: Well, lots of people have dreams with other people in them.

JOEY: But did you know that there’s a lot of kids that have dreams about you where they’re hurt, stressed out, or that you’re chasing after them?


TEACHER: And just what was your dream about? Why was I chasing you?

JOEY: You were trying to sell me on the Internet…


TEACHER: I was trying to sell you?

JOEY: Yeah, it was a nightmare.

TEACHER: Well, one boy’s nightmare is another teacher’s dream.


JOEY: So, you dream about me, too?

[Fade to black].

By the way, I posted over at Four Perspectives if you hadn’t had a chance to see it yet, also you still have two days left to add a photo to the current Weekly Kodachrome if you feel so inclined.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Well, Teach? do ya? :-)

Mindy said...

Ahhh...Joey! Always good for a smile. Wonder what incarnation he'll take this year? Can't wait to find out. :)

Karen Peterson said...

I'm sort of curious why so many of your students have nightmares that you're chasing them. LOL

wendy said...

so dang mans dream is anothers nightmare.
I didn't realize you were frightening the kids (tee,hee)

good to be visiting you again

Mamma has spoken said...

Are you sure he doesn't know about your Joey stories found here?

Jillybean said...

You were trying to sell him on the Internet? Awesome!

I may have threatened to list my kids on eBay a few times.

Marnie said...

Now that was both funny and brilliant! I love Joey :0)

tammy said...

Hilarious. How much did you want for him?

M-Cat said...

I can just see the look on his face when he asks "So you dream about me too?"


M-Cat said...

I can just see the look on his face when he asks "So you dream about me too?"


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