Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Media of the Week - You Make Loving Fun

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There is music that affects us. We hear a particular song and it intertwines itself into our lives. It becomes embedded with our experience and becomes an extension of us. We hear it again months—or even years—later and discover that this tune has the power to bring back a slew of memories that had long since become dusty and forgotten.

While I’m not necessarily a huge fan of cover songs, I would have to say that this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “You Make Loving Fun” by Dustin Christensen is one of those songs that simply defies the odds.

I hope you can make it a part of your memories…and better yet, it’s can even download it directly from the link below.

You Make Loving Fun by DustinChristensen

If you wanted, you could like Dustin here.


ashleestout said...

What a great song, thanks for sharing. I had forgotten how timeless it makes you feel. LOVE IT!

wendy said...

Oh my that sounds really nice. Never heard of this guy, but I always liked the song when Fleetwood Mac sang it.
I LOVE MUSIC.....all kinds (except angry, vulgar rap)
I have lots of CD's and an IP full of fun stuff.
(secret...I am a karaoke queen ..ha ha)

I feel from your comments on my blog, that you have lost someone dear to you, as you seem to understand my pain, an empathy you have I guess.
Whatever that was, I am sorry but I can grow from you strength too.

have a wonderful Christmas, and I'll get back to everyone the end of Dec. sometime when I get back.

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