Thursday, December 29, 2011


Pin It I’m a bit despondent tonight.

Melancholy thoughts drift about and weigh heavily on my mind; the tree—with it’s hundreds of glittering lights—does nothing to lighten my somber mood.

I went to lunch with a boy I used to mentor—now a young man. In the course of our conversation, he asked if I’d heard about one of his friends, an old student at my previous school—

I told him that I hadn’t.

The young man told me.

As the words left his mouth, my heart dropped out of my chest and I sat there in dumbfounded silence—the news washing over me in a tidal wave of despair.

This boy had been in my Math class. I’d joked with him in the halls and out at recess. I’d watched him in class working with his friends.

But now he’s gone.

It was yet another sordid reminder of how temporary and fragile this existence truly is.

It’s been on my mind all evening.
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