Friday, December 30, 2011

Moments with Joey - Greatest Hits of 2011

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I went through my archives and found the top 12 Moments with Joey posts of the past year – based solely from the number of comments they’ve each received, emails I’ve gotten, and Facebook shares. All of these were combined together to finally decide on the top 12.

So, I’m curious, which one of these is YOUR favorite post? Feel free to use the poll below to let me know.

Looking forward to yet another exciting year with Joey.

(Each link will open in a new tab or window for your blogging convenience).

1. Eye Doctors and Tooth Fairies          7. Guys & Boys
2. Music Time on Friday                        8. Camping Trips
3. March Wind and Silent Words           9. Diminishing Return
4. Resting Rooms                                 10. Zimmered
5. Tracking Hilarity                              11. The Tongue Dilemma
6. Mistaken Identities                   12. Life and Milk Cartons


Mamma has spoken said...

Uhm, must be your first vote! I had to go with the tongue story just because it reminded me so much of my favorite Christmas story!

Just SO said...

I'm going with resting rooms because when I was at the Dallas airport this summer they called it as they saw it and their restrooms were labeled Toilets. I love Joey.

shari1172 said...

I had 3 favorites. 1. March Wind and Silent Words. 2. Diminishing Return. 3. Mistaken Identities.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

You're asking us to vote? That's a hard one, should I vote for the one where the teach got the zing in or Joey???

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Much as I want to vote for an underdog, the tongue story is just too good.

Mindy said...

So hard to choose just one! They were all classic.
I really wanted to vote for 3 - Zimmered, Diminishing Return, and Tracking Hilarity.
Alas, I was only afforded one vote and it went to Tracking Hilarity because Joey was right... you can be pretty funny... "fraught with hilarity" even... lol...

wendy said...

well I did vote....but it was hard
that's like asking me to pick a FAVORITE CHILD
there isn't a favorite
EACH ONE brings something special to the table
just like your posts

Karen Peterson said...

These were all so good, but I chose Mistaken Identities mostly because that one was so funny that it's the only one I remembered immediately, without having to click on the post first. Impact.

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