Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Kodachrome - Vegas Lights

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The temperate evening air flowed over us as my coworkers and I stood in the midst of the pulsing casino lights on the strip of downtown Vegas. The neon glow shimmered across the waters of the fountains outside the Bellagio like multi-colored beams of moonlight.

We walked to the edge of the fountain and waited—in excited anticipation as a familiar Beetles tune filled the air and dozens of spouts erupted from the body of water below us. Like plumes of lava shooting from a frothing volcano, streams of shimmering water arched into the sky—our hotel framing the background laid out on a canvas of darkness.

It was amazing.

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Karen Peterson said...

I love this image. The water show at the Belagio never disappoints.

wendy said...

Now you have me missing Vegas. When I lived in Utah we went about twice a that I am up here with country guy, hmmmm, wonder if I'll see those lights again.

Gerb said...

Some people have allll the fun.

Life with Kaishon said...

That looks beautiful! I think it would be so fun to visit Las Vegas! : )

Em S said...

Stunning shot! I have yet to be to Las Vegas, but look forward to the day I get to go!!

Rachel said...

Glad you made it back safely.... beautiful photo!

Mindy said...

The rich golden glow you captured is stunning.

Vegas is yet another one of those places I need to add to my list of places to see.

(Maybe I just need to plan a road trip and fit them all in... lol... )

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