Friday, May 4, 2012

Moments with Joey - Dreams and Nightmares

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. AFTERNOON. HALLWAY. The class is taking a 3-minute break. A few of the kids are lined up and ready to return to the classroom. As the teacher waits at the front—facing the lines—a fifth grade boy moves out of line and approaches the teacher.

JOEY: I had a dream last night, Mr. Z.

TEACHER: I used to have dreams, too; most of them withered and died.

[The boy give the teacher a ‘yeah, right’ look].

JOEY: No, I had a real dream.

TEACHER: Yeah, me too.

JOEY: Really?

TEACHER: Don’t you remember? You were there. [When the boy doesn’t answer, the teacher continues]. You were riding on a unicorn through outer space. [Pause] I don't know how on earth you were both able to breathe out there.

JOEY: was a good dream?

TEACHER: Nope, that’s the point when it pretty much became a nightmare.

[The boy starts laughing with the rest of the class].

Fade to black.


Mindy said...

Joey + Unicorns + Dreams = Priceless!

mCat said...

"most of them withered and died".....who's funnier you? You or Joey? Love it

Kalei's Best Friend said...

once again another point for teach!. lol

wendy said...

ha ha...these stories are so fun. Seriously, I have told you this before, but JOEY a clone of what my grandson Collin is like (the son of MY son who passed away)
Maybe that is why I smile so strikes a chord with me.

Connie said...

I wonder if Joey's dreams/nightmares involve his favorite teacher? You might be wise enough to wear an oxygen mask while in space on a unicorn.

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