Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photojournalistic Journey

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As an alternative to writing an extensive blog this evening, I instead prefer to share a small sampling of images from my weekend trip to Hiawatha, Utah. I choose to let this be a photojournalistic journey of a day into my life.

I wish I could have stayed longer; however, I am thankful that I seized a chance, and took a road less traveled.

A brief description of most of these photos can be found here.


mywest said...

Hiawatha, Utah. Reminds me of some of my past travels where the sights of the past were unbelievable....I just love looking into times passed. Looking for treasures and wondering what life was for those living there. Your photo shoots are terrific and leaves such great memories....all I have is
Rocking Chair Memories since I didn't carry a camera. Wish I wood have. Love, DAD

Gerb said...

Every one of these pictures tells its own story. Some of them really got my imagination going. Awesome.

Emily said...

These are great Jas. I love the vibrant teal paint that is peeling and the pot on the stove. Amazing how such places tell their stories!! Where is Hiawatha, anyway?

Holms TP said...

I'm so amazed at your skills, and kinda jealous, in a good way!

Kris said...

Ok I have to buy the one or two of the key hole that says ( I think ) Lockwood on it. That is my maiden name. Love them all. Madison was even impressed!

K.J. said...

Those were some super great photo's!
You have a way of capturing the beauty in things that people don't see.
Great photo's!

Kathy said...

O.K. I hope you put the radiator scrollwork on your photo website cause I wants it.
Nice work, looks like you had fun.

Yancy said...

these are amazing

summer said...

oh wow, Jas these are phenomenal. I can't wait to order all the locks and doorknobs that are new on this, to add into my collection of your pictures.

The one I wonder about the most is the pot on the stove...well, and the room that is completely dissheveled. I know others have asked, but where IS this place?

Panama Jones said...

I found it very interesting that five families have moved into town. I'm sure there stories are very interesting. How long ago was Hiawatha abandoned?

Seeing the peeling paint, the last meal, and the abandoned buildings is a reminder that not all dreams come true, but we have to keep dreaming.

Teachinfourth said...

Dad - You would have LOVED this place. So much to see and to wonder about...wish you'd have been there.

Gerb - If the photos could do that, if you were there it would've been like an imagination explosion.

Emmy - That whole house was interesting...and melancholy at the same time.

Hiawatha is down by Castledale; it's about 80 minutes from Provo.

Trev - As long as it's in a good way...

Kris - There were so many other things I didn't get shots of which probably would have been wonderful. 5 1/2 hours was really not enough time.

KJ - Thanks. I'm glad you liked them...perhaps one day a few of them will garnish your walls as well as "Moondance."

Mom - I will get to that eventually...too many other things I'm doing right now. Would you rather have that than the lightning shot?

Yancy - Thanks, my Brutha!

LoS - I wondered about that, too. It was an interesting sadness. No better way to describe it.

Hiawatha...down by Castledale. It's actually on maps, so it wouldn't be hard to find.

PJ - I believe that that last family left around 1990. The town sat vacant for several years and a few vandals came around, trashing some of the place. A few security guards were hired to watch over it. Now that they're thinking of reopening the mine, several families have moved back to the town...

pookiepantry said...

these are amazing photographs, so many unspoken words. beautiful, and thanks for posting.

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