Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moments with Joey - Popularity

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. NOONISH. CAFETERIA. The students are passing through the lunch line, and the teacher stands by making sure that they enter their lunch numbers correctly (as well as have at least three items on their trays). After some deliberation, he decides to get school lunch as well—after all, the aroma of potatoes and gravy is nearly overwhelming. The teacher slips into line and fills his tray, he then scans the lunchroom for a place to sit. 

The table he usually sits at on the days he eats in the lunchroom has only three fifth grade students sitting at it. The teacher moves to the table and sits down. Like magic, the three boys at the table scoot over to where the teacher is, and nine or ten students from other tables battle for positions on the benches as well. As the commotion dies down and the students begin eating, the 5th grade boy sitting next to the teacher pauses and looks at him.

JOEY: Did you see that, Mr. Z?

TEACHER: See what?

JOEY: This table was practically empty, and then suddenly—boom! It’s overcrowded. Some people didn’t even have a space to sit.

TEACHER: Yeah, it seems a bit full doesn’t it?


JOEY: I just can’t believe how popular I am.

[The teacher smiles as he takes a drink of his milk].

TEACHER: It’s probably because you wore deodorant today.

JOEY: Yeah, I should do that more often.

TEACHER: Well, I sure know that I’d appreciate it.

[Fade to black].


Richard & Natalie said...

Love it. :) You and Joey are such funny guys no wonder the table was overflowing.

Mindy said...

Ahh... the power of Z... :-)

Kalei's Best Friend said...

aww, mr. z., are u a bit envious that joey is evolving? :-)

mamahasspoken said...

So it's not you that makes all the students move to that table. Think I need to meet 'Joey'!

wendy said...

Without sounding repeptitive, I love these "joey" stories.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Not only do you eat the school lunch, but you do so in the cafeteria?

Above and beyond Mr. Z. Above and beyond

mCat said...

Deoderant you say? That's the ticket then!

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