Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joey Dosen't Like Kittys - For A Limited Time Only

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I love Joey.

The stories I get from him make me laugh.


One of the first Joey Moments I ever wrote about was the Kittens Post.

It was a wonderful welcome to the World of Joey.

It was about a year ago that I first offered up the infamous shirt designed by my sister, Miya, after a little bit of my creative input (“I want three dead kittens, but tastefully dead; not gory or bloody”). About a week later she gave me something that I absolutely loved.

From then it only took me about a year (with the help of my other sister) to do the legwork of getting a quality shirt and finding a silk screener so the final product would be awesome.

Welcome to the present and the second printing of the infamous shirt which will have you be all the rage to your friends, and show your true adoration for Joey by owning your very own “Joey dosen’t Like Kittys” t-shirt - available via the link on the sidebar.

Details? Well, it's printed on the durable Port and Company's 100% cotton shirt and will become a treasured clothing article that will be the topic of many a conversation for years to come.

Wow, that sounds so ‘catalog-like’ doesn’t it?

The shirts are $15 – shipping fees are already included.

This second batch will be printed in just a few weeks, which means that you have approximately 2 weeks in which to order yours.

The third printing? No idea…probably when I get enough emails showing interest. Therefore, there just might not be a third printing.

The colors available for these shirts are black, navy blue, and brown so please make your color preference known when you provide your mailing information. If you don't let me know what color you want, I'll have to decide for you.

Was there anything else?

Oh yeah…it does take time to get the shirts ordered, screened, and then sent out; therefore, please allow about a month from now (or three weeks after September 16th) before you start sending me hate email.


Now, go tell your friends…after all, you want your friends to be cool, too.

On a side note, if you select the 'screening only' option, you'd better live close by and bring me a shirt. Otherwise, you'll get a great, big, steaming pile of nothing.


P.S. If you need another size or there is some other information you need me to know, click the Z-Mail link on the bottom of the sidebar and let me know the various and sundries...

Oh, and I did post over at Four Perspectives tonight...just if you were interested.


Mindy said...

A month, huh... DANG!
And I wanted one for Melon Days.... teehee... You know that infamous celebration of all things melony...
(Yea, I know.... melons are just plain ICKY...I totally

Shauna_Rae said...

Just saw your comment. How is YOUR school year going? Do you have a good class this year? My mom was a kindergarten teacher for YEARS and always felt like each class had their "own" personality.

Ms Bibi said...

This is the first time I read the Kitten story.....I think my neighbors called the psych ward to take me away and I think my kids thought I finally lost it....god, I love Joey....bless his little funny heart.

Tracy P. said...

VERY glad you linked back for us newbies! That is just priceless. Too bad you couldn't hear the conversation at home where the mom (hopefully) asked him about his test and why he missed so many. :-)

M-Cat said...

tis one of my most favorite shirts!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

What if this year's Joey LOVES kitties?!

Cherie said...

Love the shirt!! Might have to get one :-D

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