Saturday, May 3, 2008

Writing update - Alone in a room

Pin It I came to the Orem library to work.

I came here to find a few new books on CD which I could listen to while driving during the week.

I also came to write on a few of my stories.

I looked again at the self-publication website and contemplated further what I’d only briefly considered last night.

As I sat here in the “book discussion” room, I found myself alone and removed from the rest of the world for nearly three hours. Three blissful hours of time in which to work…

No distractions.

No bothersome calls

Nobody trying to talk to me.

Writer’s block?



annette said...

You can always blog surf until something hits you. I get some of my best ideas that way.

Kris said...

I always think of something at 2 in the morning. Then I fumble around in the dark for a pencil and paper. Then I forget what I'm wanting them for! Dang old age!

Farscaper said...

MY best place to think.... the bathroom. I think I go there and hide from everyone. LOL Hey, there's a water source (if desperate) and a place to ... well... you know. All you need in a pizza delivery guy who will deliver to a bathroom and you're set!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for something to come when you want it so bad, is not easy to do! I am not very patient!

Teachinfourth said...

Nettle - Yeah, I've done that before too...that, or I pull open one of the other dozen projects I could be working on and hit that for awhile.

Kris - I've had many a good blog idea as I am driving to work and I think think that I'll remember but I end up forgetting it!

FS - I think I'll stick with the library. However, there IS a lot of paper in there for notes, right?

KJ - I hear you loud and clear. I am also a part of that 'microwave generation.' I want it in thirty seconds or less...sometimes the wait is killer.

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