Friday, May 2, 2008

Writing update - Me? A published author?

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I returned home from an evening out with some dear friends.

I checked my blog.

I had a few comments, which I proceeded to read. Nestled amongst them was a remark from my sister, Miya. She left me a link to a self-publisher known as Outskirts Press.

I thought about it…

I thought long and hard about submitting…something.

I just don’t know about this though. I did a little figuring and discovered that my book, “Take the Long Way Home,” would be in the vicinity of 129 pages if published as a 8.5” x 5.5” book…which would run about $5.00 in cost for each copy printed, plus the cost of set-up, barcode fees, as well as about a thousand other “small” charges which—amazingly—drives up the cost by $1,000.

Though it would be grand to have one of my books published, going this route could very well turn out to be a pretty expensive endeavor.

I guess I don’t know if it is really good enough to be published…or worth this cost. The story was written awhile ago, and probably still needs a million things fixed/added/changed…

I just don’t know…


Miya said...

Yeah depending on the packaging the price can really go up on those things. But it's always something to consider. Sometimes you just need to get your book out there for publishing companies to notice you and take an active interest in your other stuff.

By the way, is 'Take The Long Way Home' and 'Lasagna The Pest' the same story? Because last night I was thinking about it and I couldn't remember what the actual title of the story was, just the lame name I gave it in second grade! :D

Kris said...

Oh you better do this! You are going to look back one day and say Dang it I took the wrong road! You know I'd buy it and all your other friends and family! I'm all behind this!!!

Emily said...

I'm pretty sure you'd have enough readers...check out all of us...we read your blog on a daily basis, so of course we'd have to read your book too!

Danielle said...

This would be an amazing endeavor! WOW

Julie said...

Oh no! DECISIONS. I'm with Emily have so many readers that would definitely read it!

Teachinfourth said...

Meem - I've been looking at that site quite a bit...thanks for passing it along my way.

To answer your You're thinking of 'My Little Town.' Which, consequently, is in the midst of rewriting (and has been for a few years now...)

Kris - I think this may become my 'summer project' to tell you the truth...I'm going to hold you to buying a copy!

Emmy - I'd hold you to that too! It was good to see you and Jae tonight.

Dani - Well, if I don't do SOMETHING it will just sit there, right?

Jewels - I just had a friend of mine bring it back and she really liked it. She said that she only had a few questions about the story but thought the plot was very engaging.

Anonymous said...

I would love to read it!
Publish it and get me a signed copy? I will pay for is definately worth it!
You are a Phenominal writer!

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