Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Noted absence as of late

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Several people have mentioned that I have not been blogging as of late. I am sorry about this, however, with the onslaught of the end-of-year programs, activities, etc., I find myself pressed for time more than usual. Couple this with packing my classroom and getting ready to move to a new school in just a few more days and you’ve got yourself a busy schedule.

Of course, I am not implying that your schedules are not equally loaded down with various and sundry items.

I am sorry to those who’ve I’ve not had a lot of time for lately. This, of course, will remedy itself before long.

I did take a few minutes, just prior to sitting down to make this post, to sit out on my deck and listen to the wind blowing through the trees of my Olympic-sized backyard. I felt it gently turn my thoughts and speak of things which have long lain silent and forgotten.

I will return soon enough.

Until then, I remain respectfully yours,



The Scotts said...

Various and sundry...YAY!

smalltoes said...

How dare you take 3 days off!! Are you crazy? I can't live with out your blog, or you for that matter. Why don't you work any more? Man, it's like you have a life or something. We need to do lunch and catch up!!!!

Gerb said...

Does it ever bug you how complete strangers show up in your huge backyard sometimes?

Enjoy the last few moments of the school year...

Kris said...

Oh I understand completely. It's the first week of school being out. I get pulled in every direction but my own!

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