Sunday, May 18, 2008

A poorly-spent Saturday of time

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How does one arrive at a point like this in their life? Well, probably because of friends, right? After all, isn’t it our friends that get us into the most trouble in our lives, as well as encourage us to start Breaking Free out of our comfort zones? I think it comes from that “All for One” mentality we seem to be so anxious to subscribe to.

As I stood in line among the others present, I found myself sweating under the suffocating feeling of my sports coat and tie. My class had just had a lesson on how darker colors absorb more sunlight and reflect less…hence, making them a lot warmer than clothes with lighter colors.

So, was I hot? Bet on It.

After waiting for nearly ½ of an hour the line entered the building. As it did I thought to myself, Now this is What I’ve been Looking For—an area a little bit cooler! I quickly joined the appropriate line, signed the consent forms, and was shuttled into the auditorium

Directions were shouted from the man with the megaphone that we were going to have a Fabulous time. However, I could only understand only about half of what he was saying to be honest. But as I sat there, I did have a feeling that this was the Start of Something New for me in my life.

My friend and her kids were in the “red” section of the auditorium and I was told that I’d be fine in the multicolored section for now. I could just wait for the moment I was needed from there. It was at this point that I sat for quite some time, before being directed to the main room. I walked across the campus and entered the adjacent building to a tumult of noise, and found myself being transferred from place to place. At first I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to be, or what I was supposed to be doing. And, let’s be honest, nobody in charge seemed to know either, and I kept being told one thing and then another…I finally was told that they would Work This Out, and that I should just have a seat and to wait until I was needed.

Fine. I thought. I Don’t Dance to this beat anyway.

One hour rapidly turned into twelve. I finally thought, I’m not going to Stick to the Status Quo anymore. I’m sick and tired of being here! I’ve been sitting here for 12 hours! It’s time that I Gotta Go My Own Way…no matter what anybody says.

So, I changed into a blue shirt and a pair of jeans and joined the cheering crowd without anyone noticing me doing so. It would figure…I was standing in an area that would probably be unseen anyhow. Maybe there was a way I could Bop to the Top area where everybody else was standing, and be seen better from there. I changed my mind. All I wanted at this point was to go home…

What Time is It by now, you ask? 12:30...AM!

After a few more grueling minutes, we were told that we were finished and finally allowed to go home. I felt so grateful to be leaving. Grateful that I didn’t have to do this Everyday of my life. I don’t think I could handle it…I’d probably kill myself.

As I checked out and walked to my car, I realized that everybody has days like this…days where they spend their time in a way that is not the best possible. I guess We’re All in this Together when it comes to time poorly spent.

And that, is how I spent my Saturday.


Anonymous said...

So how does HS Musical compare to August Rush? LOL! You are a trooper and a good friend...someone owes you, man!

Julie said...

Brilliant writing. How do you come up with this stuff? You are definitely not alone in spending time that could have been used for something better.

The Scotts said...

A community theatre is doing a production of HS Musical for stage and Josh is designing the sound. The music is KILLING HIM!!!

Emily said...

Did you see my sister? That's her school. They're all mega annoyed because they wouldn't agree to shoot after school ended (2 more weeks!) but had to start while students were there.

Did you make your $79 ? Last time I was in a movie I sat around for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours....and hours.

Looking back, I had fun. At the time, not so much. But my face was on screen, which, oddly enough, is actually quite freaky.

Is going "back to high school" worth $79?? hehe.

Farscaper said...

I was going to say.. it sounded like you were cattle.. er.. I mean an extra. $79! Wow they are paying a lot more. I never made more than $59.

I was once on a shoot with a group that got forgotten. Hot sunny day at a mansion in SL (outside). We weren't allowed to use use the porta potty or leave the roped off area "just in case we got THE call". The guy with the CB looked like this was his first film and he looked like a scared rabbit. I finally got permission to use the porta John and ran into one of the crew members who looked frazzled. I mentioned that I wish I could get in on some of the action. Once he realized I was a part of the rest of the missing extras we were VERY quickly ushered into the scene and the filming continued. Up until this point they had crew members stepping in to make the party look bigger. They did literally forget we were there.

I'll bet that they either forgot about your group or your group was the extra extras. Probably didn't have enough room for everyone who wanted to be there.

You didn't get paid either I'll bet. Most films ask for volunteers when they need that many extras.

Gerb said...

So, as far as careers go, is it safe to assume this is NOT The Start of Something New?

I was once suckered into being on a public-service commercial. My pay: lunch. But I was 10, so I thought it was cool. Never saw the commercial, though.

Yancy said...

ah...the joys of film-making.
Atleast when you're actually part of the crew you have something to do and you have free reign over craft services. :) I miss it.

Kris said...

Well if I knew you were going to do that you could have said hi to my friend Don Muirhead the Camera man. I hate wasting time on my so needed weekends! Did you get paid for that?

smalltoes said...

Been there, done that, it sucks. The first time I got paid $1. The second time about $75, both sucked. Have I mentioned that it sucks because if I haven't, well it sucks.

annette said...

Seems like I remember someone balking when I tried to talk him into watching the first HSM. years ago- and now you're in the 3rd movie? Trying to move from infamous to famous, I see. What "part" did you play?

Miya said...

Roy says, "Does this mean we have to actually see High School Musical now?"

LOL :)

summer said...

Today my middle child landed on the time-out stair, and started to sing, 'We're ALL in this together'! Ironic, but it is even true in that situation. I think your day sounded long - but something that I would do as well. Some experiences are just fun to have on your 'resume of life'!

Teachinfourth said...

Anonymous - No comparison whatsoever...

Jewels - It just sort of happened, to be honest.

J&J - Killing as he loves it, right?

Emmy - I didn't, unfortunately. I actually made $82. That'll buy LOADS of stuff...maple bars, here I come!

Farscaper - You pegged it right on! I'm glad that my experience was not quite as horrible as yours, however, I don't know if I'd run up and do it again right away.

Gerb - Probably not...after all, I've already decided on the lesser of two evils.

Yancy - I loved watching the crew work and the way they filmed...I could really get into that aspect of the industry.

Kris - Bummer. I'd have loved an excuse to talk to some of the camera crew more than I did.

Shay-Shay - about slave wages!

Nettle - I was a cheering "Knights" supporter. Pretty lame, eh? I will be somewhere in the crowd on one scene unless they crop it to make it appear that there are a lot more people and I am not seen at all.

Meem - I won't be offended if you don't. BTW, thanks for the info today...I just placed the order.

LoS - Well, I can say I've done it now, right?

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