Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17th

Pin It Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

I don’t have anything extraordinary planned for today; in fact, I can’t ever recall having ever planning anything for this particular holiday. Maybe green icing on sugar cookies in my elementary school years, perhaps a leprechaun stamp on that day’s papers from a teacher, or attempting to talk like Lucky from the Lucky Charms commercials (‘They’re magically delicious!’), but never really a full-blow party or anything like that.

Wear green. Of course, this was always the ritual—unless I wanted to be pinched by that one particular girl in school, but seeking the pinches of that one eleven year-old goddess came with a price…it seemed that everybody else in the peasant class would freely partake the ritual of pinching as well, when seeing the absence of the sanctified color.

Like piranhas, really.

Some things just aren’t worth it, you know? Even for a simple, sixth grade crush…especially when said goddess may not have felt inclined to pinch you at all.

It seems that at schools today St. Patrick’s Day is not heralded like it once was, back in the days when snowball fighting was allowed—usually with the teachers coming out and plastering their students with gigantic spheres of sloggy slush. I’ve figured out now that this was simply payback to certain students—probably—and a way to vent pent-up frustrations. I can think of a few kids my teachers would have wanted to (and did) hit with a few snowballs…hard. It seemed that they always went for those two or three kids.

That’s probably why it’s against school regulations today.


But I contemplated not wearing green today.

Being an elementary school teacher myself I decided against this as I gazed at my wardrobe this morning. Though there is much less it seems in the time-honored practice of pinching for not wearing this sacred color, it really still is all about customs, right?

I grabbed the green tie.

And will probably pick up some nasty, green-iced cookies on my way to school.

After all, it’s all about tradition.


Rachel said...

Don't mess with tradition! It isn't kosher.

I just realized as I sent the kids off to school......I didn't dress Levi in any green! Oh wait! Since he decided to go swimming in the ditch after school yesterday in his clothes his tennis shoes are a soggy mossy mess so I put on his cowboy boots and they're John Deere! They have green on them! Phew! Do me a favor. Go and tuck Levi's pants into his boots so everyone can see he has green on would ya? ;)

Linn said...

I just realized after you post that you are crushing a lot of elementary girls dreams by wearing green today. Poor things, hoping and wishing, but no. It is not to be.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm just getting up our post. It is a fun one, if I do say so myself.

Shannon said...

It's too bad that Hostess doesn't make green Sno balls - you could have pitched them at your students in a traditional yet painless manner!!

Gerb said...

Good call, going with the green tie. Otherwise you'd be a St. Patrick's Day scrooge. Which would be, what... a troll or an elf or something?

Mamma has spoken said...

Ah the eating of the green, my favorite thing about St. Pat's day. That and the drinking of the green....
I made sure to wear my green today: shirt, socks with shamrocks, and a shamrock pin. Yep I was more than ready.

Lyndee said...

Green cookies for your class? See, you still have plenty of spirit left.

Natasha said...

I found your blog through the blog Shark Bait and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I would wear green in school only to avoid being pinched. I wore orange today.

A Lark said...

When you have cute little gullible students, you can have more fun with St. Paddy's day - enter pesky leprechauns who totally mess up your classroom, hang your teddy bear by the cord to the window blinds, and leave a mysterious magical powder behind (add milk and eat it to see what happens!) - I love that most 6-7 year olds still believe in magic and fairy tales!

P.S. Did you avoid the 5th grade pirana pinchers?

Richard & Natalie said...

I hear that since you were a good boy and went along with tradition, your class was visited by a gold coin weilding leprechaun. See it does pay to play by the rules; even if the coins are really only chocolate.

Teachinfourth said...

R - I couldn't make it down…sorry about that.

L - I ended up surrendering my green tie because one of the boys in my class didn't think to wear green today and was being viciously attacked out on the playground…once the masses discovered that he had no green, he became EVERYBODY'S fair game.

I took one for the team…after all, no student will dream of pinching their teacher. Well, and not living to tell about it.

S - Not if I threw them hard enough.

G - Probably a three-leaf clover.

B - You come prepared, don't you?

N - You are welcome anytime. I try to de-lurkify myself every once and again, too.

Hope you weren't mauled by not wearing green today…

L - Turns out that they were way too expensive, I ended up getting two dozen green-frostinged donuts instead. Definitely more for the money…

J - Sounds like you had quite the fun day…I don't think my 5th graders would believe that a leprechaun had done a number on our room, instead maybe sixth grade miscreants.

Yes, I did.

N - Yep, it does. Especially when the class only got 4 each and I scored 5. It's all about being 'on the list.'

Lori said...

Ha...laughing aloud at the chronicles of your crush--too funny. I had a moment's panic yesterday because I couldn't find my Life is Good shamrock tee--my traditional Patty's Day garb. I'm part Irish, and green is kind of mandatory. The kids' school does up Patty's Day bigtime--they give the kids sparkly green hats and all sorts of junk--they love it. I'm sure your kids loved the green frosted cookies--go Teach!

tiburon said...

Well played. I wouldn't go messing with St Patty's Day. If you want to mess up a holiday make it Flag Day.

tammy said...

My boys are always crushed that St. Patrick's Day falls over spring break. So many less chances to pinch someone. I had to call my husband and tell him not to wear green when he came home, so my 8 yr old could get him.

Mmmm...cookies with green frosting. I think that image just ruined my diet for today.

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