Monday, March 29, 2010

10:42 P.M.

Pin It I lie here awake tonight still. Sleep just won’t come and I find myself reaching for my laptop to write about it. That should give you an idea of just what an obsessed blogger I really am.


I scrolled through playlist after playlist on my iPod, searching for something to induce slumber, but I came up with nothing. After trying two different audio books, I switched to decades playlists.

Nothing still.

Song after song came on which didn’t lull me to sleep, but rather made me think even more; my mind careening through dozens of things over which I have absolutely no control. I find this increasingly distressing since I retired to bed well over an hour ago, and I am still wide-awake.

A certain song came on which made me think of a longtime friend who used to live across the street; if I saw her light on, I’d call—and vice-versa. We’d have long discussions into the night until we’d both felt ready to truly retire for the evening.

We’ve both moved to different places since those days, and the luxury of simply looking out the window to see if the other was sleepless is now gone. Sometimes I miss the fact that it was all that easy.

I also hate the fact that tomorrow morning I’ll wake up, and instead of feeling refreshed and invigorated; I’ll be sluggish from the lack of hours I had to rest.

Okay, shutting up…


Richard & Natalie said...

Sleeplessness must be a reoccurring theme in Provo tonight.
After 6 weeks of not having a caffienated beverage, I succumbed to a Diet Dr. Pepper tonight in hopes of getting rid of a monster headache. It worked; my head doesn't hurt, but I can't get to sleep worth a darn.

I hope something did the trick & you were finally able to get some Z's tonight.

Mamma has spoken said...

I hate those nights too. Wish I could give you some words of wisdom but I end up doing (almost) the same thing as you; getting on the lap top and surf the web.

kado! said...

a friend across the way who you could call when you can't sleep? that sounds like the makings of a great sit-com!

Gerb said...

I'm going to agree with Natalie's assessment because I was also up all night. My problem, though, was a sad baby with a deep, painful cough. So, even though I was not doing anything helpful, it made me feel better to know that he was not alone in his misery.

I hope today's a good one and that tonight brings you more peaceful slumbers.

mywest said...

Sleep hasn't been a problem now for months ever since I started working on the house daily. I like falling into bed and being to tired to think about's so much better than still being awake at 5:00 AM.
Hope your back on schedule again.

Kathy V said...

I've got some words of wisdom for you -- Tylenol PM -- just one pill (1/2 dose) gets you started and you should be able to carry on sleeping through the rest of the night. I do this when I'm traveling and too keyed up to sleep the night before a big presentation.

Teachinfourth said...

N - Sounds like there are a few of us…Sorry you didn't get to sleep until after 2.

B - It makes the time go somewhat quicker.

K - It does sound like something from TV, doesn't it?

G - Sounds like my sleepless night was far better than yours.

D - I hope so, too. I'm excited to see the final look of the house when you're all done.

K - Isn't Tylenol for headaches though?

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