Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moments with Joey – Headaches

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SCENE 1, INTERIOR. MORNING, FIFTH GRADE CLASSROOM. The teacher has just taken two Tylenol for a migraine. He is rubbing his temples at the back table with his eyes closed. When he opens his eyes, a ten year-old boy is standing in front of him.

JOEY: Are you okay, Mr. Z?

TEACHER: I just have a headache, that’s all.

[The boy nods].

JOEY: Yeah, me too...

TEACHER: They’re not very much fun, are they?

JOEY: Nope. [Pause]. Mr. Z? Would you ever push me off a cliff?

TEACHER: Now why in the world would I ever do something like that?

JOEY: I don't know, maybe because it's fun? [pause]. Princesses are mean. [pause]. Girls are mean, too. They always get what they want in fairy tales.

TEACHER: What does that have to do with anything, Joey?

[The boy shrugs and continues to stand there, after a second, he takes a small step closer to his teacher].

TEACHER: Wow, I can't believe it, my headache just got worse.

[The boy takes a step backward].

TEACHER: Wow, now that suddenly feels better. [pause]. Isn't that interesting? The closer you get, the worse my headache seems to get. When you move away the pain goes away, too.

[The boy grins].

JOEY: So, I give you headaches, Mr. Z?

TEACHER: You said it, not me…

[Fade to black].


T said...

Tylenol is useless on migraines... just sayin'

Surly Temple said...

Not sure if it is Joey or your reactions...but Diet Coke just snorted out of my nose. Which I may should not admit since it is not particularly flattering. But still. It's me. How flattering can life be? So. So. SO loving the stories!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

OUCH!, now that was mean...(lol) poor Joey will have a complex.. he will probably tell everyone now that he has the power to give u an intense headache!.Bet he will sell tickets now!,so all can witness his powers...

Natasha said...

Haha, great interactions between the two of you! Love it!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Too funny. Switch to Motrin, then Joey won't have to stand outside of the classroom.

Jenny said...

LOL... I use Ibuprofen!!!

tammy said...

{laughing} Why do you think parents like me love to send their kids to school every Monday?

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