Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I Hate Christmas

Pin It ...being over.

About six or seven weeks ago I found myself taking down the Christmas decorations which festooned my home and made it feel bright and cheery. As I took them down, I suddenly felt a longing for Christmas yet again.

I feel it again today.

I love Angela Landsbury’s rendition of, “We Need a Little Christmas” from the musical, Mame. There are times when I feel that I can really relate to Mame, especially as she and her nephew, Patrick, decide that they really need a little something to keep them going...they need a little Christmas. I firmly believe that we all, at times, need a little Christmas too.

The main reasons I hate Christmas being over are:

7. The “newness” feeling of the snow is missing.

6. The white lights and decorations are down.

5. My sister's AMAZING cooking and meals.
4. The feeling of anticipation is gone.

3. No more Christmas music of the Savior on the radio.

2. No candy cane cookies.

1. I miss my brother.


Yancy said...

i miss you too buddy! thanks.
i'm glad i hopped online before climbing into bed tonight.

(you wanna know something funny? I'm totally wearing that same shirt right now. Haha! It's one of my favorites.)

summer said...

many things to notice in all the great pictures and words, however one thing that stuck out...we have the same chairs.

Gerb said...

Why I hate Christmas (being over):

That overall feeling of love, kindness and doing good for others that seems to be almost universal during the holidays is all but gone.

p.s. Those candy cane cookies look tasty!

Teachinfourth said...


I am just glad we were able to spend the holidays together at all...

Lord of Summer,

We do? It must mean that we both have class, right?


I know exactly what you mean. As for the cookies, yep, my sister made them and she has this knack for making good things like that.

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