Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaf puddles

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I watched the mist this morning.

It crept along the ground of the park behind my house.

It was amazing to watch as it slowly made its way, shrouding the ground in early morning grayness.

As I walked outside, the rush of August air greeted me as I stepped into the world.

It started to beckon me…to draw me to the “outlife.”

The smells of yellow and dampness permeated the air around me as a gust of wind made the leaves begin to rustle a soliloquy—a chorus of music which transcends words.

I watched the leaves as they raced each other along the streets, eager to be first to get to wherever they were going. Some were caught in the puddles of a rainstorm from the night before—reflecting all of their colors back to me.

I couldn’t help but smile.


Gerb said...

I love the word 'soliloquy'... and I can just smell that yellow! I felt like I was there.

annette said...

We must think alike, because I was just thinking about the scent of "yellow". Eloquent.

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